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2018 February 4

Electric lawnmower repaired again

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In Electric lawnmower failed again, I reported

My Black and Decker electric lawnmower (model MM1800 type 1) failed again in December, and I finally got around to taking the top off today to look at it.  … The switch and power connections were all working correctly, so I think the problem now is that the brushes for the motor have worn down to the point where they no longer make contact with the commutator.

A new pair of brushes for the mower costs only $9 (, so I think I’ll replace the brushes and see if that fixes the mower.

The new carbon-block brushes arrived over a week ago, but I was grading all last weekend, all week,  and most of this weekend, so I did not get a chance to install them until today.

The old brushes were attached to the wires from the bridge rectifier with a crimped connector that I don’t have a replacement for, so I just cut the braided wire from the old carbon block and soldered the new braid to the old one.  It only took a few minutes (because I had not replaced the screws in the lawnmower cover yet—getting those screws out is what takes all the time), and the mower worked fine afterwards.

I mowed my front lawn and the mower seems to be fine again, though I need to replace the end of the extension cord, as the waterproofing insulation is beginning to crack.  I think I need to sharpen the mower blade also, but that may have to wait for another break in the grading—maybe I’ll have time in a couple of weeks, when we have a long weekend for Presidents’ Day.

The grass in the lawn does not grow much in January, but the oxalis has gotten quite lush and is starting to bloom. The nasturtiums in the back yard are taking over where I removed a lot of blackberries (though they won’t bloom until April or May, if this is like other years).  Lots of other things on our block are blooming from roses to magnolias, but pollen levels are supposedly low or moderate. The acacia trees on Bay Drive seem to be blooming earlier than usual this year, and they are a major source of tree pollen in this area—I’ve not seen the yellow carpets of pollen on the road yet, so I think that acacia flower buds may not have opened yet.


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