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2018 April 23

Thinking of dumping Wells Fargo

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For decades, my personal checking account has been with Wells Fargo, largely because they had conveniently located ATMs and branches, and because Bank of America treated me poorly enough that I dumped them, even though they had the closest branch to my house (that branch is now closed and for lease at prices inflated even by Santa Cruz standards).

But Wells Fargo has done so much wrong lately that I’m feeling I can’t really do business with them any more. So I’m looking for recommendations of places to move my personal checking account to.

I already have my household account with Bay Federal Credit Union, and the last time I checked they didn’t allow a member to have two checking accounts.  In any case, I’d prefer to keep my personal and household accounts in separate institutions with different ATM networks, just in case of difficulties with one institution.

So do any of my local readers have recommendations for me of places to move my checking account to?

I mainly use my checking account for direct deposit of my paycheck, ATM machines, debit card, and monthly transfers to a mutual fund account (with a different institution).  I write an average of about 2 checks a month, with an occasional flurry of more when I decide to give to several charities at once.


  1. Well, I have a bank account at Chase, into online banking at Ally. Chase is convenient, and certainly not scandal free, but probably better than Wells Fargo. Ally is an online only bank, and offer some advantages over brick-and-mortar banks. This could either be a criticism or a complement:

    I’m curious to see what you decide.

    Comment by whatisron — 2018 April 25 @ 14:50 | Reply

  2. Some years ago after the financial crisis, there was a movement kicked off by Ariana Huffington called the “Move Your Money Project” (, encouraging consumers (along with companies and public entities) to move their assets out of too big to fail banks. You may recall Santa Cruz County divested recently as well.

    It was at that time (2009) that I ditched chase bank and opened up with Bay Federal Credit Union. They have ATMs throughout Santa Cruz, and participate in the Co-Op Network of ATMs, which means free transacting at any credit union in the US, as well as any 7-11.

    Comment by AmateurParent — 2018 May 3 @ 14:25 | Reply

    • I have had a BFCU account for many years (that is who I left Bank of America for). I like them and agree that they are the first choice locally when looking for a place to have a checking account.

      I’d like to have my personal and household accounts in different institutions, though, so that I have some redundancy in case of problems with one ATM system. (I have encountered situations where one of my ATM cards was not accepted but the other one was.) Also, it used to be that BFCU only allowed one checking account per member (I’ve not verified this recently), and I definitely want to keep my personal account and household account separate.

      So what I’m looking for is the *second-choice* institution in Santa Cruz, after BFCU. I have had recommendations for Lighthouse Bank, Chase, and online banks like Ally.

      Comment by gasstationwithoutpumps — 2018 May 3 @ 14:46 | Reply

  3. […] I mentioned five months ago in Thinking of dumping Wells Fargo, Wells Fargo has done so much wrong lately that I’m feeling I can’t really let them […]

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