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2018 August 13

PG&E trying to screw people with home solar systems

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PG&E informed me that they were requesting an increase in minimum bill amounts for electricity “to reduce bill volatility”, but did not say how much an increase they were requesting. I looked at the complete language of the proposal at, but all it says is “Approval of this Proposal would increase electric rates for distribution customers by less than one percent; therefore, a statement setting forth PG&E’s proposed increases or changes to electric rates is not needed.”  So I have no idea how big a change they are proposing to the minimum bill.

I am currently paying the minimum bill amount monthly, so increasing that minimum amount will not “reduce bill volatility” for me, as bill volatility is already zero.  The change will definitely increase my bill, and probably by much more than 1%—but  it seems to be top-secret what my new bill will be.

So far as I can tell, PG&E’s primary aim is to extract more money from customers with net energy metering (NEM), making home solar energy systems less cost-effective, which works against California’s carbon-reduction goals.

If the increase in the minimum bill is less than 1%, then I have no major objection to the change, but if (as I suspect) it is much larger than the rate of inflation, then I strongly oppose the attempt to transfer costs primarily to NEM customers without even saying how much the increase is.

If anyone reading this blog is also a PG&E customer, you can send comments to, making sure to include “R.12-06-013” somewhere in the subject line.


  1. Similar thing over here in Europe: Electricity companies in Europe are trying to make solar panel installation and providing energy to the grid less and less attractive. :-(

    Comment by Erich Styger — 2018 August 13 @ 11:34 | Reply

  2. PG&E knows that they WILL lose in the end, so get are trying to increase their profits before they end.
    Me, I have Georgia Power, eventually I will have solar AND I will not be net metered. I AM cutting that cord.

    Comment by Kenneth T. — 2018 August 18 @ 17:09 | Reply

    • Net metering is actually a sweet deal for the homeowner with solar panels, as we are selling electricity to PG&E at retail prices, not wholesale. With the old time-of-use service that I have, that means that I’m selling them electricity at over 30¢ a kWh on summer days and buying at night at around 11¢ a kWh, which is how I get down to spending only the minimum bill. (In a couple of years the time-of-use service I’m on will be phased out, and the deal will be much less generous.)

      Comment by gasstationwithoutpumps — 2018 August 18 @ 18:05 | Reply

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