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2018 November 16

New book cover draft

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I did a slight redesign of the cover of my book with the tentative new title.  I’m not a graphics designer, so all I’ve come up with is a rather generic book cover:

Tentative new book cover

I’m open to ideas for better cover designs.

Other than the cover, I’ve been making decent progress on the book—I even got PteroDAQ recompiled for the FRDM-KL25Z board and Arduino boards, which I haven’t bothered with for a couple of years, as we’ve been using just Teensy LC boards in the class.  ( had to make some tiny fixes to the PteroDAQ code, but nothing that took more than a couple of minutes.

I’ve got 4 to-do notes left in the book, only one of which is important (including some theory of soldering).  The other three are all optional material which needs to be cleaned up a bit or thrown out.  I think I’m still on track for a release by Nov 30.


  1. I recently learned that Stanford updated it’s E40 class to include a section on making: E40M. Here is the reader:

    Comment by mathproblemsolvingskills — 2018 November 16 @ 18:43 | Reply

    • Thanks, that reader looks like a good intro to EE circuits. It seems to be just circuits though, without much in the way of applications or labs. Still it might be something worth recommending to my students who want a different intro.

      Comment by gasstationwithoutpumps — 2018 November 16 @ 19:57 | Reply

  2. The graphics look great. The color looks like weak baby poop.

    Comment by gflint — 2018 November 17 @ 11:24 | Reply

    • I was previously using a pale yellow background, which looked too anemic. I need a good contrast with the white op amp and the blue EKG trace, though I could change the color of the EKG trace. What colors do you suggest? Light-blue background with dark red EKG? (This question is directed at all my readers, just gflint.)

      Comment by gasstationwithoutpumps — 2018 November 17 @ 12:22 | Reply

  3. A light blue or a pale red. Something that does not look so conservative, if that makes sense. I have bought too many math textbooks that were that tan or light brown that were self published or published by a small publisher. They all looked bland. Having a little color other than tan just makes it stand out a bit. Admittedly you are not doing a best seller here but a little cover appeal would look slick.

    Comment by gflint — 2018 November 17 @ 13:36 | Reply

  4. […] on comments by gflint, I tried changing the colorway for my new […]

    Pingback by New book cover draft 2 | Gas station without pumps — 2018 November 17 @ 15:30 | Reply

  5. The new colour is an improvement for sure. Have you thought about losing the lower EKG. It would allow more space for the Title, illustration and author to breathe as they are spread out down the page.

    Comment by bob therriault — 2018 November 17 @ 15:44 | Reply

    • I thought about it, but the cover looks even more generic without them as a border. It might be better to have a different (non-border) graphic element, but just the text and the feedback amplifier looks a little bare to me.

      Comment by gasstationwithoutpumps — 2018 November 17 @ 15:55 | Reply

      • Just to be clear, I was suggesting that you lose the lower ekg and keep the top ekg. I think that some of the generic feel has do to a little too much symmetry.

        The other option is to do some type of a gradient across the background, but that can start to increase cost depending on the printing agreement that you have. You could also do a survey of amazon titles in your genre and see if there is a particular style that you like. There is no shame in recognizing and using someone else’s good ideas.

        Comment by bob therriault — 2018 November 17 @ 20:26 | Reply

        • Got it! I agree with you about the symmetry. I’ve never been very fond of gradients, though.

          Comment by gasstationwithoutpumps — 2018 November 17 @ 20:34 | Reply

  6. I love the one with the yellow cover! I’d definitely frame it, maybe read it. Lol! (Accounting Student)

    Comment by Monika Worcester — 2018 November 18 @ 23:56 | Reply

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