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2018 November 17

Another book cover design

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A former student (a Danish exchange student) sent me an SVG file with a couple of book cover designs.  I liked them better than what I came up with, but found them a little too grey (like some of the old Springer monograph series), so I redid one of them in brighter colors:

This design avoids the border symmetry that Bob Therriault rightly criticized and looks a little better than the flat background I was using.

Because it is an inkscape svg file, it is moderately easy for me to modify (my previous designs were done in Photoshop Elements, which is both harder and easier to work with, depending what you are trying to do.  I may want to redo the EKG trace from the original data, as he was working with just the low-resolution image I had posted, so the Inkscape object is a bit cruder than I’d like.

What do people think of this design?  What can/should I do to improve it? Colors? Fonts?



  1. This is nice. Room for nice graphics and large title font. Colors are not boring. Now if you can just sell a hundred thousand copies and retire on the royalties.

    Comment by gflint — 2018 November 18 @ 08:56 | Reply

  2. Although I do plan to retire in about 2.6 years, I’m not counting on income from the textbook—total royalties so far (three years) are about $700. I think that amounts to a pay rate of about 30¢ an hour. Of course, a lot of the writing has happened during my sabbaticals, so the book has been heavily subsidized by the University of California’s paying me 2/3 salary during my sabbaticals.

    Comment by gasstationwithoutpumps — 2018 November 18 @ 11:53 | Reply

  3. […] best book cover design so far (Another book cover design) was based on a design by a former student.  My son suggested that the schematic diagram was too […]

    Pingback by New book cover draft 4 | Gas station without pumps — 2018 November 18 @ 21:40 | Reply

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