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2018 November 25

Progress on editing book

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I got all the to-do notes removed from the book by Thanksgiving and started doing the global editing:

  • sweep through the index—standardizing entries, adding new ones, making sure that entries pointed to all relevant parts of book.
  • sweep through figures—checking size, positioning, and (where relevant) figure credits
  • check coherence of lab instructions for each lab.  Some specific point editing may have left inconsistencies.
  • sweep through full text looking for important sentences or paragraphs that need to be highlighted with “important” boxes.  (I started adding the boxes last year, but I have not done a sweep of the whole book looking for where they are needed.)
  • check for overfull hboxes (bad line breaking)
  • check for widow and orphan lines (bad page breaking)
  • spell check all files.

So far, I have done just the first entry on the list: the sweep through the index. I thought it would take only an afternoon, but it took two full days, and in the process I added two more to-do notes where looking for index entries pointed out other deficiencies.
I’ve since fixed those to-do notes, so I’m now ready to start the sweep through the figures. This should go fairly quickly, even though there are 298 figures, unless I decide I need to redraw or rephotograph something—that could take a long time.

I’ve created a couple of LaTeX macros to standardize some of the figure credits, which should also speed things up a bit:

\newcommand{\citeschemeit}{Figure drawn with Digi-Key's Scheme-it~\cite{SchemeIt}.}
\newcommand{\citedrawio}{Figure drawn with\cite{}.}   

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