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2018 December 1

New book cover draft 6

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Here are some tweaks to the book cover, based on blog-reader comments from New book cover draft 5:


This newest draft uses subscripts for the schematic labels and has the schematic slightly further to the right, to make it look more visually centered. I’ve also made the font (Bitstream Vera Sans) explicit.

I’m not 100% committed to Bitstream Vera Sans, but I’ve looked through my collection of 28 sans-serif fonts using FontBook and didn’t find any that looked more promising.  Even some of my favorite fonts (like Optima) did not work as well for this design.  About the only font that seemed competitive was Gill Sans, and the difference wasn’t big enough to convince me to make the change. 

Interestingly, FontBook did not report Bitstream Vera Sans as one of the fonts I have—it seems to have been installed in a non-standard location, possibly with the anaconda python installation, possibly with inkscape.

Any more suggestions? The feedback from my blog readers on this has been quite valuable.

Progress on editing the book has been slower than I had hoped.  I’d wanted to do the release yesterday, but I’m only up to page 111 on the scan for sentences to highlight in “important” boxes, and I need to get through page 526.  In the process of doing this scan, I’ll also be checking to see whether the instructions in each lab are consistent.

I’ve found one inconsistency in the thermistor lab (are we optimizing for max sensitivity or for linearity at Top?), and left a to-do note there until I make up my mind.  In the past we’ve always optimized for linearity, though the book said we were optimizing for max sensitivity—one of the bugs that is getting fixed.

After the scan through the whole book, I still have the spelling check and the orphan/widow-line check to do.

I’m guessing that I have another 10 days work before I can release.


  1. Have you tried Futura, Avenir, or Univers?

    Comment by Russ Evans — 2018 December 3 @ 13:59 | Reply

    • Characters in Futura are too narrow for this use, I think. Avenir is OK, but slightly narrower than Bitstream Vera Sans, and not distinctly better.

      I don’t have Univers to try.

      My son also suggested Libertinus Sans, which is a nice sans-serif for body text, but a little too light for this application.

      So far the only font I’ve looked at that might be better is Gill Sans, though I don’t really have a good collection of title fonts.

      Comment by gasstationwithoutpumps — 2018 December 3 @ 15:07 | Reply

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