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2019 March 31

Thirty-fifth weight progress report

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This post is yet another weight progress report, continuing the previous one, part of a long series since I started in January 2015.

I have found it harder than I expected to keep my weight within my target range.

My weight continues to drop (slowly), and I’m back to the weight I was a year ago. I hope to be able to pull the weight down a little further this spring, and I really want to avoid the big summer&fall weight gains I had last year.

My exercise for March included about 3.67 miles/day of cycling, which is a drop from February—probably attributable to exam week and Spring break, during which I was not commuting to work every day, but grading from home.

I’m now doing 2.5km runs two–three times a week. That’s not going to get me to my goal of eventually running a marathon, but I’ve not injured myself again, and it helps keep me in shape so that I can try upping the distance over the summer.  I’m going to try again for a 15km run in August or September.  There seems to be about 1 pay-to-enter run a month in Santa Cruz (starting around March), so I shouldn’t have any trouble finding something to enter.


I’m maintaining about an 8:20 mile pace (3.2 m/s, 11.6 k/hr) at the current distance.


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  1. I’m impressed!

    Comment by cindy knoke — 2019 March 31 @ 19:55 | Reply

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