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2019 April 12

MS > PhD

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I have once again seen that in engineering fields, a Master of Science is a more valuable degree than a Doctor of Philosophy.  My son (who just finished his M.S .in computer science) has been on the job market for a few weeks and has just gotten his first job offer.  The salary is larger than the salary offered to a new engineering faculty member at UCSC who has a Ph.D. and 3 or 4 years of postdoc training (in fairness, his is a 12-month salary offer while the faculty member’s is a 9-month salary, which could be supplemented another 22% if the faculty member gets grants to fund it).

For that matter, his starting salary would be over three-quarters of my salary as a full professor with a Ph.D. in computer science and 37 years of experience.  It is easy to see why academia has a hard time hanging onto engineering faculty, when industry is willing to pay so much more for shorter hours.

I’ve no idea whether my son will accept the job offer. He has had serious interviews at 4 companies, so may be getting more offers soon—he is down in Santa Barbara for a 2-day interview right now.


  1. Do send him our way if he’s interested in autonomous driving.

    Comment by RFon — 2019 April 12 @ 11:49 | Reply

    • I suspect that he’ll be accepting a job offer from one of the companies he has already interviewed at, as he has had pretty good impressions of each of the companies. He is not that interested in automotive technology (he doesn’t even have a driver’s license), but he is interested in firmware engineering and other low-level programming close to the hardware. He’s interviewed at companies doing routers, satellites, real-time operating systems, … . If this initial round of interviews does not lead to a job, he’ll start another round. For that matter, if he takes a job and it turns out to be a poor fit, he’ll go back on the job market in a year or two.

      Comment by gasstationwithoutpumps — 2019 April 12 @ 11:56 | Reply

      • Makes sense. Best of luck to him! If he does go into round two we have something for everyone: .. and part of the point is that you won’t need a drivers license ;)

        Comment by RFon — 2019 April 12 @ 12:07 | Reply

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