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2019 April 17

Running hiatus

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I am going to stop running for a few weeks and reassess my goals.  What triggered this change was my annual physical, where I got some of my various aches diagnosed.  There were three main outcomes:

  • It is worth trying ezetimibe in addition to my current rosuvastatin to see if that controls my cholesterol better—it is probably less of a risk than increasing the statin dose.  Interestingly, my insurance requires prior authorization for ezetimibe (a $9/month generic), which makes no sense at all.  I’ll probably be paying for the prescription without insurance, since the full price will be less than the insurance co-pay would be.  (They don’t pay for the $6/month rosuvastatin either.)
  • My elbow injury is probably tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), for which I’ve been prescribed stretching and strengthening exercises.  I’ll also start wearing one of the tennis-elbow braces that wraps around the forearm.  I’ve had elbow inflammation before (due mainly to bad keyboarding posture), so I know more or less what to do about it.
  • The ache in my hip that I’ve had since last August is osteoarthritis, as I suspected (confirmed by X-ray). This is bad luck, but not unusually bad luck—the incidence of hip arthritis among men my age is about 12%, if I’m reading the literature correctly.  Experts seem to disagree about whether running is safe for people with hip arthritis, but even those who recommend running agree that one needs to change to low-impact running styles and do other exercises to stretch and strengthen muscles to avoid further injury to the joint.  Almost all recommend working with a sports medicine specialist and physical therapist trained in running and arthritis to determine exactly what is reasonable.  I’ll probably be doing that when I have some spare time (this summer?).

I was just feeling good about having done a 5km run last weekend, albeit at a slow pace (8:35 mile pace), and now it looks like I won’t be increasing my distance to 15km this summer as I had planned.  I may never run a marathon—I should have tried 20 years ago, when my body was better able to tolerate abuse and recover from it.


  1. Have you looked at this running technique? It does reduce the over all impact of distance running. I know a number of older runners that have eliminated their running induced medical issues by using the technique. It does take some getting used to. I have tried it and it drives me batty. I do not like the seesaw feel I get with the other runners around me.

    Comment by Garth — 2019 April 18 @ 08:43 | Reply

    • I did use run-walk-run last summer, and I was still using it on longer runs (over 3km). But that technique is designed for reducing muscle fatigue and for improving attitude, not for minimizing damage to arthritic joints. So far as I’ve been able to glean from the web, the recommended changes are to use faster, shorter strides, avoid heel strikes, and not run on pavement, to reduce impact damage at the joint. There may also be some strengthening and stretching exercises recommended to stabilize the hip joint and retain range of motion. I’ll probably need some help in changing my running style before I go back to running.

      Comment by gasstationwithoutpumps — 2019 April 18 @ 09:59 | Reply

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