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2019 June 10

Make magazine has folded

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Last Friday, Maker Media halted operations and laid off all staff [].  That means no more Make magazine and no more Bay Area Maker Faire.  Sigh, I’d just renewed my subscription to the magazine a month ago!

There is currently a gofundme campaign ( to keep the servers running for the digital content, but it is not organized by the remnants of Maker Media, so I don’t know how legitimate it is.

Running a print publication theses days is a difficult business, and the Maker Faires relied heavily on industrial sponsors, who seem to have left for other opportunities.  Maker Media was relying on venture capital, but there was no path to profitability, so venture capital dried up.

There are some thoughts that the organization may be rebuilt as a not-for-profit, since their biggest successes were in education.  That might be a good way to rescue the core of the business, particularly if some of the startups that have made it big decide to donate.

I’ll be watching for news on further developments.


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