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2019 June 10

Make magazine has folded

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Last Friday, Maker Media halted operations and laid off all staff [].  That means no more Make magazine and no more Bay Area Maker Faire.  Sigh, I’d just renewed my subscription to the magazine a month ago!

There is currently a gofundme campaign ( to keep the servers running for the digital content, but it is not organized by the remnants of Maker Media, so I don’t know how legitimate it is.

Running a print publication theses days is a difficult business, and the Maker Faires relied heavily on industrial sponsors, who seem to have left for other opportunities.  Maker Media was relying on venture capital, but there was no path to profitability, so venture capital dried up.

There are some thoughts that the organization may be rebuilt as a not-for-profit, since their biggest successes were in education.  That might be a good way to rescue the core of the business, particularly if some of the startups that have made it big decide to donate.

I’ll be watching for news on further developments.


2019 June 2

Thirty-sixth weight progress report

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This post is yet another weight progress report, continuing the previous one, part of a long series since I started in January 2015.

I was finally getting my weight back into my self-chosen target region when further progress slowed, and I’m seeing a gradual weight gain again.

Keeping my weight down has been an ongoing struggle. If I don’t pay close attention to how much I eat, my weight creeps back up, and I have to work pretty hard to reset it.

I’ve been bicycling an average of about 5 miles a day, but I’ve had to stop running (at least for a while, see Running hiatus), so my exercise level has been ok.  That is about to change, though, as I only have one more week of classes, after which I’ll be bicycling to campus much less frequently.

The end of Spring quarter and the beginning of summer seem to be bad times for weight gain—I think that the heavy grading load results in less physical activity and more snacking. Then the lack of bike commuting kicks in and my level of physical activity drops even further.  Perhaps this summer I’ll get a gym membership or pay to use the University equipment, as I want to learn how to run on a treadmill (which is supposedly easier on arthritic hips than running on pavement).  I’m going to have to do something, as I have 6 months a year for the next two years of not needing to be in my office on campus, and bike commuting is currently about my only exercise.

I have been snacking a lot during my grading, and it is likely to get worse: I estimate I have about 85–150 hours of grading to do in the next two weeks, depending on how much commentary I put in the student papers.  I generally reduce the feedback on the last paper, because I think that very few students look at the feedback when they know that they won’t be doing another paper for me.  But even at the minimal level that I consider responsible, I have more than a full time job grading for the next two weeks.  I’m already running a little behind schedule (about two days), as I had hoped to have started grading Lab 12 this weekend, but I only just finished grading Lab 10+11 late Sunday night.

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