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2019 July 15

Shakespeare cookie cutter v3

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My first post on the Shakespeare cookie cutter was about versions 1 and 2 of the cutter and stamp—both of which were basically unsuccessful.  I had two ideas for fixing the problems: making the cookie stamp larger and simplifying the artwork.  For version 3, I tried both.

The face is still vaguely Shakespeare, though the mouth is not right. I increased the size to 85mm (from 50mm and 60mm for the first two versions), which is the largest size that would fit on the 100mm-diameter bed of my Monoprice Delta Mini printer.

The printing was much more successful this time, with very little stringing or blobbing.

Here is the front view of all the pieces. The knob is still the one from version 2, as I saw no need to reprint it.

The back view shows the side that was against the glass baseplate (except for the knob, which I forgot to flip over).

I was worried about installing the shaft crooked, and figured that if I just used a machinist’s square, I’d end up supergluing the tool to the stamp. So I printed out an alignment jig:

The front view shows how the alignment jig holds the shaft directly in line with shallow hole in the back of the stamp.

The top view shows how I used 5 cylinders as to fit snuggly around the stamp to hold it in a fixed position.

The hole in the alignment jig closed up a tiny bit, so I held the metal rod with vice grips, heated it, and shoved it through the hole to make the hole just big enough.

Unfortunately, the only superglue I had in the house was several years old (though in an unopened little tube) and it did not set when applied—it was still soft after 15 minutes.  I’ll have to get some more superglue (or other quick-setting strong adhesive) tomorrow to attach the shaft to the stamp.


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