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2019 August 26

BitBucket being killed by Atlassian

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I have been using BitBucket for source code repositories since about 2012, when my son chose it for the Arduino data logger project, which later became the PteroDAQ project (in a separate BitBucket repository).  This month Atlassian decided to end support for all Mercurial projects, with no new repositories after February 2020, and deletion of all remaining repositories in June 2020.

I will have to move PteroDAQ from BitBucket well before the deadline, because there are pointers to it in my book, and these pointers will need to be updated for the end-of-December release.

I think that Atlassian’s tone-deaf announcement will kill off BitBucket as a source-code hosting site, even though they plan to continue to support git.  Who will trust them to maintain repositories if they plan to delete everything some group of their customers have relied on them for?  I could sort of understand stopping support for Mercurial (though that was the main thing that made BitBucket better than GitHub), but the result should have been making the repositories read-only for ten years, not deletion.  Atlassian picked up a bunch of users from GitHub when Microsoft bought GitHub, but I think that they will lose a lot of them from this managerial mistake.

Making things worse, Atlassian is providing no automation to convert repositories from Mercurial to Git, suggesting that people do the move(s) manually.  Even GitHub provides better tools, with an automatic import of Mercurial repositories that even maps authors.

The net effect of Atlassian’s managerial decision will not be migration from BitBucket Mercurial to BitBucket Git, but to GitHub or GitLab.  GitHub or GitLab could accelerate this migration by providing an automatic import that moves the wiki and issues database from BitBucket at the same time.

I moved one repository to GitHub, just to see how well the automatic import of the repository worked.  That repository had no wiki or issue tracking, so was easy to move.  I’ll probably move my book sources to GitHub also, after the next push I do to the BitBucket repository.  (I considered using GitLab instead of GitHub, but they don’t seem to have an automatic transfer of Mercurial repositories from BitBucket, the way that GitHub does.)

The PteroDAQ move will be the most difficult, because I’ll want to move the issues and the wiki as well.  There seem to be some scripts on the web for doing those transfers, but they are not part of the standard GitHub suite of tools, and may be a bit iffy.



  1. Yes, this is bad news. I only have a few repositories on BitBucket, and I plan to move them to GitLab.

    Comment by Erich Styger — 2019 August 26 @ 22:40 | Reply

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