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2019 September 5

Move to Github half done

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As I mentioned in BitBucket being killed by Atlassian, I am moving all my BitBucket Mercurial repositories to GitHub as Git repositories.  So far, I’ve moved my two private repositories (my textbook and a beacon-dectector project), because they had no wiki or issues associated with the repository.  Moving them to GitHub was very easy, as GitHub has an importer that does almost all the work of importing the repository itself from BitBucket.  Unfortunately, their importer supposedly does not handle importing the issue history nor the wiki, which is a shame.

That leaves me with the harder task of importing the  PteroDAQ project, which I’ll have to do in the next month, because there are pointers to it in my book, and these pointers will need to be updated for the end-of-December release.  There are some scripts on the web for doing the issue and wiki transfers, but they are not part of the standard GitHub suite of tools, and may be a bit iffy.  I’ll wait a little while to see whether there is a consensus on the best way to do the transfer (or whether GitHub provides a more powerful import tool).

I have not learned the git command-line tools yet, as I’ve been using GitHub Desktop to manage my new repositories.  Given that they have only the single main branch, no issue tracking, and nothing else fancy, I think that this GUI may be all I need.  I did have to create a .gitignore file that was a little more comprehensive than my .hgignore file was, to make sure that git did not pick up a bunch of intermediate files that shouldn’t be part of the repository.


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