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2020 March 17

My wife’s new blog

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My wife’s school has been closed (as all schools have been locally), and has moved to remote education.  My wife is trying to replace as much of the library time as she can with a new blog: Spring Hill Library. If you have preK–6th graders at home, you can safely point them to her blog.

I helped her produce her first video yesterday (using iMovie, because Premiere Elements seemed too complicated for the simple task needed), and I helped her set up her first blog tonight. She plans to do a video a day and several blog posts a day for as long as the school is closed (which probably means the rest of the school year).

I may start blogging more often again myself, as I won’t be teaching the second half of my electronics course until Fall. The logistics for running the lab remotely were a bit too daunting for the BELS staff and me, so the lab was delayed until Fall quarter (and I’m swapping sabbatical quarters, taking sabbatical at home this Spring instead of next Fall). If we are still forced to be doing remote education in the fall, at least there will be time to figure out the logistics far enough ahead to be prepared.

Today I should have been grading, but I spent most of my time doing tasks as undergraduate adviser: faculty meeting, updating proposal for our new major, informing students of cancelled lab courses and increased capacity in other courses, trying to get additional courses scheduled to start on March 30, getting approval for our plans to let students substitute other courses for the cancelled lab courses (if they are graduating in Spring 2020), approving student petitions for substitutions, trying to get independent-study forms to not require wet signatures, …

Despite being on sabbatical for Spring, I’ll continue with my administrative tasks as undergraduate director and as a member of the Committee on Courses of Instruction.

I do have to get back to grading tomorrow, as I still have 24.5 design reports still to grade in the next week, and they are taking me about 2 hours each to grade. My wife and I will probably be taking turns on the big-screen iMac, though, as neither the video creation nor the grading work well on the 11.5″-screen laptop.


  1. My brother works with e-learning for musicians and has been working on ways to do 1-on-1 video calls that don’t botch up the sound. He found a somewhat unknown service that allows you to disable echo cancellation (which kills a lot of ambient sound) and I wrote a small link generator. In case it’s useful:

    Feedback very welcome

    Comment by Rasmus — 2020 March 17 @ 23:13 | Reply

    • I’m not expecting to do any 1-on-1 video teaching. Echo cancellation generally improves speech transmission (though I can see how it might mess up music).

      Comment by gasstationwithoutpumps — 2020 March 18 @ 10:22 | Reply

  2. Sorry about posting this as a reply/comment. I must be brain dead, but for the life of me, I can not figure out how to email you. When I click on the Email button above, it asks for 3 things(besides the anti-robot test), it asks for my name, my email AND who I want to email. I tried only entering my name and email, hoping that the destination address would have a default, but not such luck. Am I somehow missing what should be obvious? Or are comments the only way to communicate?

    Comment by GB Clark II -- AE7OO — 2020 March 25 @ 20:50 | Reply

    • A number of people know me and have my e-mail address, but I’ve not posted it on the blog (to reduce spam). Many bloggers set up an email account that is just for the blog, but I have never bothered with that—I generally prefer public comments. I was not aware that was making it difficult for people to reach me through the blog.

      I’ll have to think about what to do if someone feels a need to contact me privately, but doesn’t already know my e-mail address. Does anyone have suggestions?

      Comment by gasstationwithoutpumps — 2020 March 25 @ 21:26 | Reply

      • The best way to reach me is to post a comment on my blog asking me to contact you. I’ll get your email with the comment, and I’ll try to respond reasonably quickly (within a couple of days), unless the comment looks like spam.

        Comment by gasstationwithoutpumps — 2020 April 1 @ 15:32 | Reply

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