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2020 March 27

Lowering price of textbook

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To make it easier for people to learn electronics at home, I’m lowering the minimum price of my book to $6 during the COVID-19 crisis.  I wish I had a ready-to-go bundle of parts and online videos to help people learn at home, but creating such videos would take me a year (though I am seriously considering starting creating such videos during my sabbatical).

Creating a bundle of tools and parts would require working with one of the companies that sells parts (Jameco, Mouser, Sparkfun, …).  The markup they would require to make it profitable for them to do the bundling is pretty high, though, so for now it is cheapest for people to order parts from distributors and tools and boards from China.


  1. Do you have recommendations for cheap home oscilloscopes and other useful diagnostic tools for home electronics play/learning? It’s been a long time (mid 1990’s) since the old days when I played electronics in university, but these days I’d imagine you could get some sort of oscilloscope kit that connects to a computer or phone (leaving display logic to software instead embedding a CRT.)

    Comment by peeterjoot — 2020 March 29 @ 19:35 | Reply

    • Right now, I think that the best deal on “bench equipment” is the Analog Discovery 2 from Digilent (, which is an even better deal if you have a .edu address and can get their Academic pricing.

      They have a number of accessories for it (a breadboard adapter, a board for BNC connectors to use traditional scope probes for higher bandwidth, an impedance analyzer board, to make the setup for measuring impedance slightly easier, … ).

      I like a different wall-wart power supply than the one Digilent sells—I bought Meanwell’s SGA12U05-P1J (from Mouser, I think, though most distributors carry it).

      If you want to do radio electronics, there are higher-bandwidth USB oscilloscopes on the market at reasonable prices, but they lack the versatility of the AD2.

      Comment by gasstationwithoutpumps — 2020 March 29 @ 19:55 | Reply

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