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2020 April 3

Google reports on community lockdowns

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Google has released “COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports”, Reports to help combat COVID-19, which use anonymized Google location data to report on how well communities are following shelter-in-place and other lockdown rules.  The delay in the data is enormous (they are reporting March 29 data on April 3), which seems rather strange given how much compute power Google has—they should have reports with delays of no more than an hour or two.

I looked at the report for California, which gives a county-by-county breakdown.  Here are the numbers they report for the state and for Santa Cruz County:

activity CA Santa Cruz County
retail and recreation -50% -55%
grocery and pharmacies -24% -27%
parks -38% -40%
transit stations -54% -57%
workplaces -39% -41%
residential +15% +15%

The percentages show the reduction from baseline behavior (which is probably based on last year—I did not read the methods very carefully).

It looks like our county is doing only slightly better than California as a whole, which is probably not good enough, as we have one of the worst ratios of intensive-care units beds to population (particularly to elderly population)  in the state.

Within California, San Francisco County, with one bed for every 532 older residents, and Los Angeles County, with 847 residents per bed, both have greater bed availability than does Santa Cruz with one bed for every 2,601 older residents.

In fairness, some of the less-populated counties in California have 0 ICU beds, so may be in worse shape than Santa Cruz County with 22 beds, but we already have 9 hospitalized of our 59 cases, and our numbers are still growing exponentially.  In usual times 22 beds for 273,000 inhabitants is enough for us, because we can usually send people over the hill to Santa Clara County, but I don’t think that is going to be an option during the pandemic.

The county is planning on adding more hospital beds, in places like Simpkins Family Swim Center, but those will not be ICU beds.  They will probably be short on ventilators also, when the wave of cases hits in about 2 weeks.

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  1. My kids and twin grand babies live in gorgeous SC. Stay safe.

    Comment by cindy knoke — 2020 April 3 @ 19:20 | Reply

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