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2020 April 24

Photos of red-bean-paste buns

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For this week’s bread-and-tea I made bean-paste bao.  I already posted the recipe I used for making the koshi-an (sweet red-bean paste) and the recipe for the dough.  So this post just has the pictures:

The bao before steaming. You can see the failed first attempt at forming the bun in left steamer at about the 11 o’clock position.

The bao after they have been steamed. I’m just showing the second set of 7 bao here—the ones in the other steamer tray were not as pretty, as I had not gotten the knack of sealing the dough yet. Even a small amount of the bean paste on the edges of the dough keeps the dough from sealing.

The recipe made 14 bao (instead of 16), so I ate 3, my wife ate 2, and we froze the rest to be resteamed (or possibly microwaved) later.

If I make this bao recipe again, I might reduce the number of bao to 12, making them just a little larger.


  1. […] Update 2020 April 24:  the recipe made 14 bao, rather than 16, and if I were to reuse this recipe, I’d make the bao a little larger and only make 12.  The cookie sticks worked well to keep me from rolling the dough too thin.  I used 3″ squares of waxed paper, not 1½” squares, and had no problems with the bao sticking to the steamer.  Pictures in a new post: Photos of red-bean-paste buns. […]

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