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2020 July 16

Updated plot for COVID-19

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My previous COVID plot showed New York having reached its peak and California doing really well, but things have changed a lot for California in the past month, and even more dramatically for Southern states:

Santa Cruz has shot up in the past month, but is still doing better than much of California.

I added Santa Cruz (county) as a possible location to highlight, but I’m having to manually copy data from the Santa Cruz website, which is a pain, as they update it daily with corrections extending back a week or more. I probably should try to find where the data exists in downloadable form.  Santa Cruz is still a month or two behind California as a whole, but seems to be catching up.  We’ll probably hit a peak just as school starts.

Florida has now reached the top of the leaderboard in terms of cases/million each day, as Arizona seems to have moved past its own peak.  Louisiana is probably the only state that is seeing a second wave (rather than a delayed first wave), having brought the new cases down for quite a while.  It probably won’t be long before Arizona and Louisiana surpass New York in total cases per capita.

Bay Tree Bookstore at UCSC has come out with “Fiat Face Mask”:

It isn’t a very creative design, but it has a certain appeal to it. I’m getting one to add to my rotation of cloth masks.

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  1. I think we are the only county in California, or one of few if that is wrong, that has never appeared on the 3-day watch list for new case numbers.
    So far…..yet yesterday I encountered a big group of older white tourist ladies who were adamantly “anti-mask” (?) on the Cowell Tree Loop, and they told me that the Fremont tree celebrates a great republican hero and presidential candidate.
    I looked it up and yes, he ran for president and was supported partly by an extremist right group called the “know nothings”, who were anti catholic, anti immigration, anti Chinese, anti black, anti-many things.
    So, similar to that core group on the right today.
    there is a group in my sister’s conservative southern California neighborhood south that insist on no protections because they claim Jesus will protect them.
    You cannot make this stuff up.
    Odd times and we basically have lots of ignorant emboldened crazy people walking around, adamantly anti-government rules/intrusion and pro-gun, anti-mask.
    Thanks for plotting all the data on this, a good public service.

    Comment by richard rebman — 2020 July 17 @ 08:16 | Reply

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