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2020 September 27

Strong enough to trot a mouse on

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I mentioned today to my wife that I needed to remove the tea ball from my tea before it got strong enough to trot a mouse across (the Irish standard for how strong tea should be, but not to my taste for Pu-erh tea).

She wanted to know whether it was always the same mouse trotting across teacups, and we together decided that it should be different mice, but from a pure-bred lab strain.

That leaves the question of which strain.  The two most popular lab strains are C57BL/6 and BALB/c, so the question is which strain. The weights of C57BL/6J mice are given at, and there is clearly a major difference by age and sex of the mouse. At five weeks, a female is about 17g, and a male about 20g, but at 24 weeks, the numbers are more like 25g and 35g. BALB/cJ mice seem to be slightly lighter:

So how old and which sex is the standard mouse for trotting across a cup of tea?  Or should the standard be based on just the weight of the mouse?  Does the size of the feet matter? Are there special strains of mice bred by Irish tea companies for testing their tea?



  1. very nice dude!
    and the bread looks good

    Comment by richard rebman — 2020 September 28 @ 13:24 | Reply

  2. In other mouse-related comparisons we once tried to figure out whether grad students or mice were more expensive to keep, per kg…

    Comment by plam — 2020 October 2 @ 16:34 | Reply

    • So how much did they each come to?

      I think our grad students cost about $275/day (with benefits and indirect costs)—I may be off by quite a bit, as I’ve not had a grad student in several years. How much does a standard grad student weigh these days? 70kg? That comes to 0.4¢/g/day.
      Mouse maintenance is about $1/day, which comes to 5¢/g/day, so the mice are much more expensive.

      Comment by gasstationwithoutpumps — 2020 October 2 @ 20:20 | Reply

      • I forget now, this conversation was more than 15 years ago. And I don’t really know how much grad students in the US cost these days. I thought that at the time the per-kg costs were comparable but inflation is not uniform.

        Comment by plam — 2020 October 15 @ 02:26 | Reply

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