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2021 February 9

First dose!

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My wife and I have both gotten our first doses of vaccines against SARS-CoV-2.

I got the Moderna vaccine last Friday through my employer (UCSC), who have started inoculating staff and faculty who are 65 years old or older (after first inoculating all the health-care workers and first responders).  My shoulder was a little sore for a couple of days, but it was less uncomfortable than the old-folks’ flu shot I got last September.  (Speaking of which, I wonder how they are going to choose strains for next year’s flu shots—flu is so suppressed this year that they don’t have clear dominant strains to predict from.)

My wife, who is younger than me, was thinking it would be weeks before she would be eligible, but she got her first dose of the Pfizer vaccine from the county today, because she is teaching an in-person kindergarten class—they had a one-day clinic just for Pre-K and K teachers.  Because she got the Pfizer vaccine, which has a 21-day interval, while I got the Moderna vaccine, which has a 28-day interval, she’ll be getting her second dose before I get mine.

Both of us should be as protected as a vaccine can make us by the end of exam week Winter quarter.  But my Spring course will still be online, as not enough students will have gotten even the first dose by then to make in-person labs reasonable from a public health standpoint.  In any case, I plan to continue social distancing and wearing a mask outside the house for the next 6 months, or until it becomes clear that herd immunity has been achieved (which might take a really long time if we get a lot of crazy anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers).

We are the first in our extended family to get vaccinated, I believe, except for my aunt in England, who has had both doses of the Pfizer vaccine—being over 90 in England was a very high risk category!


On another note: last Friday I hosted a virtual bread-and-tea event again, baking the sourdough focaccia again. I made this one with all bread flour and had it rise longer, but it did not come out with quite as much of the “old-dough” flavor, though it rose more impressively than the earlier batches.  I think that my sourdough starter may be growing mainly yeast now, with little of the bacteria that give the sourdough flavor.  I may reinoculate it with some mother of vinegar and some live yogurt the next time I feed it.


  1. Congrats! Looking very much forward to it, but it’ll probably be a while before it gets to >35 years range.

    Comment by RFon — 2021 February 9 @ 21:33 | Reply

    • I’m thinking it will be the end of summer before the college-age students are vaccinated. That said, one of the grad students was vaccinated at the same time as me—but he was working in a lab where they were extracting and measuring SARS-CoV-2 RNA from sewage, so he certainly deserved to be front of the line for vaccination!

      Comment by gasstationwithoutpumps — 2021 February 9 @ 22:19 | Reply

  2. Excellent! Here in Canada seems to be a bit slower on roll-out, but we haven’t been as hard-hit either so I guess that’s reasonable.

    Comment by profbillanderson — 2021 February 10 @ 12:01 | Reply

    • The countries with fastest vaccine rollout seem to be Israel, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and USA, in that order.

      On a per-capita basis, Canada has had about 1/4 as many cases and 1/3 as many deaths as USA.

      Comment by gasstationwithoutpumps — 2021 February 10 @ 13:18 | Reply

  3. News today said Santa Cruz county has first-shot inoculated 65% of all over 75, and 45% over 65.
    I go for mine tomorrow..
    Pretty good numbers!

    Comment by richard rebman — 2021 February 16 @ 18:16 | Reply

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