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2021 July 26

3D-printed “quantum dot” revisited

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In 3D-printed “quantum dot”, I wrote about my attempts to 3D-print the image from, especially how I was unable to get a good print using my Monoprice Delta Mini printer.


Here are two not-very-successful prints using silk-gold PLA filament. There was a lot of stringing and the peaks were too fragile and snapped off.

I decided to try again, but at a bigger scale: 70,000×, rather than 32000× in the xy dimensions, making a 10cm diameter pendant.  My first attempt, using a layer height of 0.14mm was OK for the peaks, but the hanging ring did not fare so well.  Part of the problem was that the ring was too thin, and part was that horizontal circular holes do not print well—the flat top at the inside of the circle is insufficiently supported.

Update 2021 July 28:  I was looking at the original data file today, and it looks like I dropped one of the zeros in the xy scaling (I now think the scaling is 700,000×, not 70,000×).  I need to check the z-axis scaling also.


The image on the right shows the collapsed circular ring on the version printed at 0.14mm layer height. The image on the left shows the redesigned hanging ring and printing at 0.1mm layer height.


Here is the whole medallion at 0.1mm layer height in CC3D silk gold PLA with 20% infill. There was a little stringing and a few “zits” on the surface, but not too bad. I tried printing at 70micron layer height, but pronterface complained about not being able to allocate enough memory, so I gave up on that.

I’ll probably do one more post on these medallions, once I get the resin-printed ones that are printed without support.  The 10cm diameter is a bit too large for ordinary jewelry, but could work as stage jewelry.


  1. Well done and interesting filament color! The shape of the quantum dot would be a good candidate for ABS filament with acetone. Have you tried filaments with metal particles included? It increases the weight, but I’m worried to wear out the nozzle that way.

    Comment by Erich Styger — 2021 July 26 @ 22:43 | Reply

  2. I’ve used the silk gold for making stage jewelry for a children’s theater group. See, for example, or any of the posts under the “stage jewelry” tag.

    I’ve not tried anything but PLA in my Monoprice Delta Mini. I might someday try some ABS, but I don’t have any plans to use any of the abrasive filaments.

    Comment by gasstationwithoutpumps — 2021 July 26 @ 23:04 | Reply

  3. […] 3D-printed “quantum dot” and 3D-printed “quantum dot” revisited, I wrote about my attempts to 3D-print the image from […]

    Pingback by Final 3D-printed “quantum dot” | Gas station without pumps — 2021 August 23 @ 14:45 | Reply

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