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2021 August 9

Secret Walks: Arboretum

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On Tuesday last week (August 3), my wife and I took our son with us on a walk from Secret Walks & Staircases in Santa Cruz, by Debbie Bulger and Richard Stover. Because it was the first Tuesday of the month, the UCSC Arboretum had their free Community Day, so we decided to do the Arroyo Seco & Arboretum loop, with a little extra within the Arboretum.  My wife does not like walking down steep hills, so we reversed the loop, going up Miramar and down Arroyo Seco Canyon.  We also did our usual trick of joining the loop at the closest point to our house (Escalona and Miramar).  In order to show our son the “secret path” in condoland (from the Cowell Ranch loop), we trimmed the corner off at Bay and High.  The total walk was about 5.2 miles, and there is a bathroom and drinking fountain at the Arboretum, near the mid-point of the walk.

Here are some pictures from the walk:


The view down Miramar shows why people pay extra for houses there, but I would not want to climb that hill on a regular basis.


This art tree (on Miramar, if I remember correctly) uses commercial parts, but is effective nonetheless.


This banksia on Empire Grade outside the Arboretum still has some blooms on it, but it was probably at its best in March or April. The banksia bloom later than protea, and hold their blooms longer, but by July there are few blooms left.


The succulents and cactus at the entrance to the Arboretum seem particularly appropriate in the ongoing drought.


Some leucospernum were still in bloom.


This Acacia pravissima (golden carpet) makes an impressive hedge. In the spring, it is supposedly covered with yellow flowers.


This sculpture, Herm Aphrodite by Sue Gatch, is a fairly recent addition to the Arboretum, as it was made in 2018.


The eye of the slug.


There was also some wildlife in the Arboretum—I could not get photos of any birds, but this lizard held still long enough for me to get a photo at maximum zoom.


Coming down Western Drive, we encountered this impressive spider sculpture.


Many of the trees in Arroyo Seco Canyon are blue gum eucalyptus (also known as “torch trees”). They represent a serious fire hazard to the houses on the lips of the canyon (and from there to the rest of the city), but the City has done no eucalyptus abatement.

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