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2021 August 22

Secret Walks: Branciforte Creek

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On Saturday August 21, my wife and I took another walk from Secret Walks & Staircases in Santa Cruz, by Debbie Bulger and Richard Stover. This time we did the Branciforte Creek loop (which also includes part of Carbonera Creek).  Including the walk downtown and back, the whole walk was about 6 miles. We spent some time downtown after the walk (at Bookshop Santa Cruz and New Leaf), so we don’t have a good estimate of our walking speed.


The water lilies in the duck pond at San Lorenzo Park were in bloom—something we rarely see.


In the other part of the duck pond, the water lilies were not quite so exuberant, with the leaves resting on the surface and most of the flowers still in bud.


The playground at Central Park is being renovated (though it is apparently way behind schedule). It looks like they will be putting the carousel back after the renovation.


I have no idea what these concrete structures are at the end of May Ave, where the path on the north side of Branciforte Creek path starts. (I rarely take the path on the north side—I take the path on the south side of the creek far more often.)


We saw this tree with scaly needles and fluffy seeds, but we have no idea what it is.


Cattails grow in the concrete ditch that is Branciforte Creek in the city.


The channelized creek is really quite ugly when there is almost no water in it.


The transition from the natural creek to the concrete channel is really quite startling.


If I remember right, these stairs down to the creek are across Carbonera Creek from the path we were on.


The day was damp (unusual for summer in Santa Cruz) and there were raindrops captured by cobwebs on juniper bushes.


This cute house is on Kennan Street.


This old concrete building is in an enclosure with a lot of power poles—I suspect is it an old power substation, from back when they built them like buildings.


Another tree we couldn’t identify. It is probably some sort of sycamore (genus Platanus), but the ones we know have single seed heads, not garlands of them.


This amusing (and inaccurate) cartoon is part of the plaque in San Lorenzo Park commemorating where bullfights and bear baiting used to take place.


The cloudy grey sky made a good backdrop for the shiny scales of the dragon on the Chinatown gate.


The Nickelodeon has been closed for over a year, but they will have to move these planters before they can reopen.


This weird succulent is growing in our neighborhood—I rather like the snake-like appearance.

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