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2021 August 29

Good juxtaposition of titles

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There was a good juxtaposition of articles on the Guardian web page today:

‘The smartest person in any room anywhere’ In defence of Elon Musk, by Douglas Coupland‘People wanted to believe’ Reporter who exposed Theranos on Elizabeth Holmes’ trial. As blood testing startup founder’s fraud trial looms, John Carreyrou says hero worship is still a problem in Silicon Valley

So we have a hero-worshipping article right next to a warning that “hero worship is still a problem” and the possible consequences (massive fraud) of hero worship. I wonder whether the pairing was deliberate or accidental.

(The article about Elizabeth Holmes’s trial is worth reading, but the one about Musk is a cringey hagiography—guess which one got top billing by the Guardian.)

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  1. Musk revealed on SNL that he has Asperger’s syndrome, which might explain some of his rude behaviors.
    I think we have all seen him be an insultingly arrogant guy in public settings.
    Overall, we have to acknowledge he builds a good car, and space stuff is interesting.
    I think that is the bigger problem with Elon Musk., just that he is a rude dick generally.
    So, now excuses and explanations for that are inevitably going to be floated, as he is a topic of discussion
    and stock success, so many people watch that.
    I expect you and I are among those who did not invest in Tesla stock, sadly,
    because the fundamentals are eyebrow raising.
    Yet Tesla stock made a butt load of money for many and I think that is the heart of the sustained publicity.

    Comment by richard rebman — 2021 August 30 @ 19:53 | Reply

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