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2021 October 5

Secret Walks: Wharf-Seabright

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I’m behind again on blogging about our walks from Secret Walks & Staircases in Santa Cruz, by Debbie Bulger and Richard Stover. On Saturday 2 October, my wife and I did the loop walk from the Wharf to Seabright.  The loop itself is 3 miles, but we added 1.4 miles getting there and 1.5 miles home, for a total of 5.9 miles.  We had lunch at the Picnic Basket on Beach Street.


This streetlight, between Depot Park and the old bridge with the Howe truss is a little fancier than most in Santa Cruz.


Across the river from the Boardwalk were a number of birds—I think that they may be egrets, but even with max zoom I could not get a good look at them. I’m wondering if I should get a camera with more optical zoom—even if it would weigh twice as much.


These shutters (on Hiawatha, if I remember right) are rather amusing. The residential neighborhood here is surprisingly quiet, given the noise and tourist traffic on the streets that surround it.


This wind vane was just one of three on the house—either the person living there really likes windmill-style wind vanes, or they make and sell them.


This mural seem to be a fairly new one. The DNA helix is twisted the wrong way.


This house added the flag, in case anyone was unclear about the inspiration for the choice of colors.


Our former next-door neighbors used to own the TeaCup Restaurant, before the Loma Prieta Quake of 1989. The sign seems to have ended up as a decoration for someone who collects commercial signs (they have several decorating the house).


I rather liked the nautical theme for this house’s porch railing, though it is on a busy street, in a not-so-great neighborhood, so I would not want to own it.


We saw this plant along the river levee (just a little below the RIverside bridge), and we wondered if it might be the endangered Santa Cruz tarplant.  I don’t think so, as it seems too large and does not have the dark centers to the flowers that most photos show. 2021 October 8: My sister tentatively identified this as gumweed (genus Grindelia), but which of the gumweeds is not clear—perhaps Grindelia stricta (coastal gumweed).


Here is a close-up of one of the flowers. Can anyone identify it for me?


And another close-up.


In the Beach Flats Garden, the corn is easily 4m high.


Poets’ Park is one of the smallest parks in Santa Cruz, though it does include a small community garden, extending the Beach Flats garden.


Beach Flats Park has a large mural surrounding a small park—here is one of the panels from the mural.


Another school-themed panel from the mural.


This part of the mural does not have the heavily Mexican theme of the rest of the mural—it seems to have been taken from George Ow’s photos of the now defunct Chinatown.


Yet another panel of the mural.


After lunch at the Picnic Basket, we tried to head home through Neary Lagoon Park, but the floating docks were still closed for removal of tule (though they were supposed to have reopened the day before). So we detoured through the neighborhood just north of the park, where we saw the Neary St. Memorial Library—a little free library that we had not seen before. The library is “in memory of Beverly Barnes, who created this library for everyone to use and enjoy.”


The same house has this very fine decorated mailbox.

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