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2021 December 4

Secret Walks: Bay-Lighthouse

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On Saturday 4 December, my wife and I  walked the Bay Street to Lighthouse Field walk from Secret Walks & Staircases in Santa Cruz, by Debbie Bulger and Richard Stover.  The walk in the book is 2.2 miles, but we did not want to retrace our route along West Cliff, so we wandered off into the circles to get home instead.  The total walk was about 5.3 miles.

There are very few photos on this walk, as my Canon G10 camera failed with “Lens error, restart camera” after the first photo.  I took a few photos with my cell phone (a moto g(7)), but the phone is not nearly as easy for me to hold steady or aim, and has only digital zoom, so I took very few pictures.


The Chabad house on King Street near our house has a somewhat rusty steel menorah out this year.


There are several Banksia spinulosa bushes along Bay in La Barranca Park. We had to use Google image search to figure out what they were.


There are also a few fine madrone trees.


La Barranca Park does not have much public art—all we noticed was this small fishing-boat sculpture.

The walk in the book starts at Bay and West Cliff and takes the path along West Cliff overlooking Cowell Beach and the Wharf. We saw a sea otter and a surf scoter in the kelp beds below West Cliff Drive, but they were too far away for me to have gotten a picture even with my Canon camera—I did not even attempt to use the cell phone camera.

We ate lunch at Steamer Lane Supply, where I had a couple of good fish tacos and my wife enjoyed the kim-chee hot dog.

We continued the walk going around the lighthouse surfing museum, past the stairs that lead to It’s Beach, and across Lighthouse Field. We checked out the monarch-butterfly habitat, but saw only a handful of monarchs.

I had planned a route home from there ahead of time and had attempted to memorize it, but I made one wrong turn (turning on Centennial rather than Columbia, even though it did not match the mnemonic I had for the route), and so I had to turn on data on my phone to look at a map to figure out how to get back on course.


This was our planned route home—past Lighthouse Neighborhood Park, moving over to Oregon to the end of the alley, then Columbia to Monterey to Continental, walking the length of Graham, then the two walkways to the center of the circles, and back out along California.

modified route

For some reason I got confused on Oxford and turned on Centennial instead of going to the end of Oxford (probably confused by all the street names starting with C). That resulted in our turning on Santa Cruz instead of Monterey, so we did not end up opposite the walkways. After getting to Gharkey, I checked the map on my phone and realized what mistake I’d made, and we got back on track. After getting an It’s It ice-cream sandwich at the little grocery store on California, we decided to take Palm Street and Mason back, rather than California to Bay.


I rather like what this house has done with with small circular window.


Another house had some pique assiette mosaics made with glass marbles, with the square tiles set into pebble-dash pavement next to the sidewalk.


The same house had these colorful concrete ornaments that appear to have been case in plastic mixing bowls (except one that seems to have been cast in a frisbee).


We saw this Little Free Library (I think it was on Laguna).


And this one on Mason Street.

I was unable to fix the Canon G10 when I got home, despite following instructions from a couple of blogs. I eventually got the camera to be able to retract and extend the lens again, though it often jammed and got the lens error again, but I was not able to get it to focus any more. So I guess this camera is now trash, and I’ll definitely have to get a new one. I’m considering an ultra-zoom camera (most likely the Canon SX 740 HS).

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