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2021 December 26

Christmas tree 2021

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We have used live Christmas trees for a long time (see the 2015 version), but in 2018 the one we were using was getting too big for its pot and was as heavy as we could get up the stairs, so we put a “free” sign on it and left it by the sidewalk—it was gone within a week.  My wife found a new live tree in a tiny pot that someone else had left out for free, which we have used ever since (see the 2019 decoration of the tiny tree).

The tree has grown a bit, and the pot and tree now weighs something like 60 pounds—I can still lift it by myself onto the table, but if I have to repot it, it will get too heavy for that.  We used a somewhat unusual tree topper this year.


Here is the whole tree, in a much larger pot than in 2019.


The tree topper is a Buddha’s hand fruit from the New Leaf grocery store.


Here is the tree topper from the other side.

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