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2022 January 4

Book scheduled to come out in June

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My book now has a web page with World Scientific Publishing ( with price information and a DOI.  The claim there is that the book will be available in June at $88 for paperback and $178 for hardback (a rather larger premium for the hardback than I had expected).  Of course, the PDF version will continue to be available for $7.99 from

I have to write a press release (about 500 words and expressing something novel that would attract science writers). Writing press releases is not one of my strong skills—I’m not sure what spin to put on the book to attract science writers.  I know what I like about the book and why I wrote it, but I’m not sure I can encapsulate that in a press release that would attract attention.

Anyone have any advice for the press release?

I also have to decide whether to buy an ad in the July 2022 “Stanford Authors” issue of Stanford magazine.  It would be $525 for about 400 characters and a picture of the book cover, which I’d be unlikely to recover in direct sales, but if one of the people seeing the book there adopted it for a course, the ad might break even. The magazine claims about 200k readers.

Should I buy the Stanford ad?

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  1. not that expensive overall.
    I vote for the add.
    The book could gain traction and footprint in exposure, future sales maybe, less of a one-and-done possibility if given wider distribution out of the gate.

    Comment by richard rebman — 2022 January 5 @ 21:50 | Reply

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