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2022 March 17

More March blossoms

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Last week, I took a number of pictures of plants in my backyard. I have a few to add this week—mostly from the front yard.


OK, this one is inside in the bathroom, but I can’t resist including a picture of the orchid, as it has unexpectedly survived since 2019 and even more unexpectedly has bloomed again.


The birds of paradise are a bit past their prime now, but their spiky shapes make for nice shadows on the wall.


Another view of the birds of paradise.


We still have oxalis, of course, though mowing the front lawn got rid of a lot of the flowers.


There is also some sort of short daisy in the front lawn.


The nasturtiums have started climbing the front railing, but they seem to have a lot of some sort of insect on backs of the leaves and on the stems—unlike the nasturtiums in the back yard.


We still have a few agapanthus left (planted by previous owners over 35 years ago), but the gophers got most of them a couple of years ago, which is why I scattered nasturtium seeds where the agapanthus used to be.


The corea has really taken over this raised bed. We tried kangaroo paws there once, but they did not survive (the water table was too high). The raised bed itself has pretty much rotted out and everything is held together by the corea roots and stems.


In the back yard, the crab apple has started to bloom.


Another crab-apple blossom, with some moss on the branches also.


One or two clusters of blossoms have started on the pear tree in the back yard, but I don’t expect full bloom for another week or two—most of the branches are still bare.


What lawn would be complete without dandelions?


This calla lily is not one I planted, but I’m perfectly willing to have such hardy volunteers in my garden, as I’m too lazy to do any real gardening.

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