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2022 March 25

Secret Walks: Wilder Ranch Coastal Loop

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On Friday March 25, I went for a walk with a friend.  She drove us to Wilder Ranch, where we did the short coastal loop (about 2.15 miles). The route could be extended by scrambling down to Little Strawberry Beach, or by going around Old Dairy Gulch along the railway tracks—there is quite a bit more coastal trail to the west (which Santa Cruz people will think of as “north”).


We did about the shortest coastal loop that is possible, as the fields are still being farmed.Click the image for a higher-resolution map.

There was a lot of scenery and wildlife along the route, so I took a lot of pictures. I think that the tide was low, so that the rocks and sea caves were unusually visible.


There are some nice views of sea caves.


The telephoto lens lets me get a good view of the sea cave in the previous picture without getting wet.


The little black oval about a third of the way up the cliff is a cormorant, I believe. The man on top of the cliff provides scale.


Another sea cave.


My wife and I regard a walk near water as well-formed if we see an egret. This one was a bit far away, and some of the zoom here is from Photoshop Elements, but it is clearly an egret.


These were also way too far away to get a good picture, but I believe that they are black guillemots.


I believe that this is Erigeron glaucus, known as seaside daisy or seaside fleabane.


I believe that this handsome gull is a western gull, but I have a hard time identifying gulls.


The cormorants here look like they are members of a gang.


Another western gull.


A convention of cormorants


Sea lions Seals on a beach and yet another sea cave


I believe that this is a galucous-winged gull hanging out with the cormorants.


This rabbit was a bit cautious and would not let us get close.


This rabbit with the notched ear was closer, but behind plants that made it hard for me to get a good photo.


I don’t know what mechanism makes all the holes in this cliff be at the same height.


The holes continue around the cliffs at the same level.


This sea lion seal was a loner, not sharing the beach with most of the others.


The canada goose was right at the edge of the cliff—probably for easy take-off and good views.


Some of the sea lions seals on the beach watched us, but most just napped on their sides.


One of the alert sea lions seals.


The patterns on the fur vary quite a bit.


This one seemed to be particularly relaxed.


A view of the beach with sea lions seals from the landward end.


A california quail.


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