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2022 November 2

Halloween 2022

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This year, we had a small turnout: only 22 kids, which is even less than last year’s small number.  We were not very ambitious in our decorations either.

I put the old packing-tape head sculpture on top of a pumpkin with 42 holes drilled in it (using 3 different sizes of Forstner bits).

The same 4-board strobe light that I used last year was inside the pumpkin lighting up the holes and the head, for a somewhat sci-fi look. I had the idea of putting the head on the pumpkin, but my wife was the one who suggested doing an abstract theme for the pumpkin itself. (The picture is a bit shaky, because I was too lazy to get out a tripod.)

My wife went with a more conventional carving.

She also had the carving conventionally lit with candles.

Our skeleton (Kyle) has been in the dining-room window since last year, but I put in the flashing lights again and gave him a cap.

I tied a rather random web this year and lit it with a UV LED strip. I apologize for using a non-web-spinning tarantula as the spider, but it was the only big spider toy I had.

My wife put all her Halloween effort this year into her costume as Puss in Boots. She works at an elementary school, so is almost required to wear a costume. They are not permitted to have weapons or gore as part of their costumes, so she substituted a feathered cat toy for the sword that Puss in Boots would usually have.

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