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2023 March 19

Stage jewelry

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As a social outlet during retirement, I’ve started acting with the “Readers’ Theater” group of Nextstage, where I have been cast in two roles: John in Ferris Wheel by Mary Miller and Rollo in Emotional Baggage by Nina Shengold. In Cigarette propsI posted about a prop I made for Ferris Wheel. Here I’m posting about a costume piece for Emotional Baggage—not for my character but for Phyllis, a carry-on bag who has a line about her monogram.  I made a necklace for the actor to wear as the monogram:

The monogram is printed in Silk Gold PLA about 2.5mm thick and 130mm wide. The chain was a cheap gold-plated brass one (75¢ a foot) that I bought downtown.

I actually made two pendants, but I thought the first one was too small—we want the letters to be visible from 20′ (6m) away.

I made the monogram by placing large Cinzel Decorative Heavy letters with Inkscape, converting to a path and importing the resulting svg file with OpenSCAD. I could have done the whole thing in OpenSCAD, but I thought it might be easier to adjust the placement in Inkscape. In retrospect, it would probably have been quicker to use OpenSCAD exclusively, though I would have had to adjust the positioning by editing numbers, rather than with a mouse.

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