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2023 March 23

Last incense holder

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In Incense holders as glaze testsI provided pictures and glaze information on a number of incense holders I had made out of the failed hollow extrusion (using bravo buff clay). One of the holders had not been fired with the rest, as it kept rocking onto the glazed portion and they did not want it sticking to the shelf.  I scraped off the excess glaze and had it fired in the next run of the glaze kiln.

Here is the last of the incense holders. It is about 16cm from end to end and 26–29mm wide. It had two dips of slate blue with dots of shiny milky white painted on.

The bottom has a long unglazed area—some from waxing, some from scraping off excess glaze.

This piece was a little too dry and cracked (prior to the first firing—I might have been able to repair it with slip). There were also flaws in the glazing on both sides, possibly from excessive handling—I should have touched up the top edges after scraping the excess off the bottom.

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