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2023 March 27

Yet another monogram stamp

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In Monogram stamps again, I showed some clay stamps I’d 3D-printed with handles.  I was not really happy with the design of the one I did for Liz, though she had approved the design before I printed it.

LIZ (in Apple Chancery font). The separate letters result in some stringing and blobbing as the nozzle moves from one letter to the next. I tried to clean it up with a riffler, but there was only so much I could do.

Today I designed a new monogram for Liz, based on the Cinzel Decorative font, but moving the individual letters in Inkscape to overlap, then converting them to paths and unioning the paths. The resulting design is a little more elegant:

This is the design of the monogram that I sent to Liz for her approval.

And here is the resulting stamp:

The stamp is 18mm wide at the top and 17.5mm high. There is a bit of blobbing on the end of the curl on the I, and a little on the serifs of the L (which look intentional in the final impression). A better quality 3D printer (or even better adjustment of mine) might make a print that doesn’t need cleaning up with a riffler.

Designing the clay stamps is fun, and the printing is fairly fast (about an hour to print a stamp).  The amount of plastic used is miniscule: about 4g or 10¢ worth of PLA filament.

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