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BME 51A W2021 parts and tools

BME 51A will be an at-home lab with Zoom lab sessions, so we need to include more parts and tools in the kit than usual, but we can omit the carrying case.  For those students who want to buy their own carrying case, the one we have used for the past couple of years is Because there are only 2 weeks between the end of Fall quarter and the beginning of Winter quarter, the kits have been broken up into two shipments: one to arrive before the first day of class (Jan 4), the other to arrive during the 3rd week of class.

Parts and tools in the first shipment:

Itemapproximate price per student Current InventoryVendorNotesStatusURL
Bread board (830 points)$2.70Amazon$7.99 for 3
wire stripper (20–30AWG)$4.72Amazonfree shipping
screwdriver set$5.97Home Depotassumes free shipping
soldering iron$4.99Harbor Freight
Cellulose sponge?
safety glasses$1.75any over-glasses style
lead-free solder$2.95Jameco
solder sucker$2.50Ali Express
SUBTOTAL (tools)$25.58
2 red, 2 black alligator clips$0.68Ali Expressrepackage $54.24 for 35×10 (e-packet)find smaller ones?
5′ each of 6 colors of 22-gauge wire$1.85Jameco
resistor assortment$9.65Ali Express$771.59 with DHL shipping for 80
USB A-to-micro 3′$0.90Monoprice$72.19 fo 80
1×40 male header double length$0.36Ali Express$28.61 with shipping for 4×20
1×40 male header$0.10Ali Express$7.99 with shipping
Teensy LC$11.77PJRC$941.31 for 80
10kΩ thermistor 1% epoxy NTCLE413E2103F520L$1.24digikey$99 for 100
3-pin female header$0.03Ali Express$2.30 for 2×50 (e-packet)×6-1×5-1×4-1×3-1×2-pins-2-54mm-Female-Header-Straight-Connector/32821638049.html
SUBTOTAL (parts)$26.58

Also in the first shipment is one loaner item:

Thermometers with calibrate button$13.50

In the second shipment:

Itemapproximate price per studentCurrent InventoryVendorNotesURL
flush cutter$1.24Ali Express$98.85 for 80 (DHL shipping)
needlenose pliers$1.39Ali Express$110.89 with UPS shipping for 80
DT9205A multimeter$6.49Ali Express$519.00 with DHL shipping for 100
SUBTOTAL (tools)$20.02
Hysteresis oscillator board$1.00Seeedstudio23.5mm×46.5mm
$18.19 for 40 + ??shipping
Silicone air tubing (16cm, 6″ each)
3/16″ ID
$0.20Amazoncut to 6″ length $8 for 20′
1/2″ slip/FPT PVC elbow (drilled with 2mm hole)$0.72PVC fittings online$28.90 for 40 with UPS ground
3/16″ barbed fitting 1/2″ MPT (would like 1/8″ barb, but can’t find)$1.39Cole Parmer$55.40 for 4 packs of 10 (UPS ground)
ceramic capacitor assortment$1.75AliExpress$70.07 for 40 (DHL)
SUBTOTAL (large parts)$5.06
74HC14N$0.44digikey$35 for 100
2 MCP6004$0.82digikey$33 for 100
INA126PA$2.68digikey$214.21 for 80
SUBTOTAL (in DIP rail)$3.94
3 1×2 black Lego bricks
(2 drilled with 3mm holes)
$0.18BrickLink250 from US/CAN shipper at $0.04 +$5 shipping{“color”:”11″,”ss”:”US”,”minqty”:”300″}
3 2×4 black LEGO bricks$0.58240 from US/CAN shipper at $0.17 +$5 shipping{%22color%22:11,%22minqty%22:%22250%22,%22reg%22:%223%22,%22ca%22:%221%22,%22iconly%22:0}
4-pin 0.1″ pitch screw terminal$0.82digikey$65.63 for 80
LTR-4206 Phototransistor$0.22digikey$17.50 for 100
3mm MT1403-RG-A red LED (700nm)$0.13digikey$10.35 for 100
1N914BTR diode$0.06digikey$4.27 for 100
4 each 10 sizes ceramic capacitors (0.1–10µF)$0.65Ali Express
SUBTOTAL (small parts)$2.64
2-gallon ziploc bag$0.38Amazon$30.16 for 100
2 2×3 anti-static bags$0.02Amazoncase lot is 1000
3″ DIP rail$0.07JamecoCut down from 22″ pieces
2 DIP rail stops$0.13Jameco$6.50/100
SUBTOTAL (packaging)$0.60
TOTAL (parts and tools)$32.26

Loaner items in the second shipment:

Analog Discovery 2
Power supply for AD2$11.02
blood pressure cuffs$14.50
Tee for pressure cuff or
pressure sensors on breakout boards

We did not have enough of the pressure sensors from before (because we can’t share them in lab as usual), so we’ll have to solder up some more. Here are the parts needed for each pressure-sensor board (prices are from 2018, when we last made pressure-sensor boards—I’ve not bothered to update them).

pressure sensors MPX2050DP$9.42
6.8µF ceramic capacitors (25V or higher)$0.26
4-pin 0.1″ pitch screw terminal$0.81
custom breakout boards for pressure sensors$1.33Seeedstudio (we may use OSHPark this time, to reduce delivery delays)
2 M3×18mm stainless-steel screws
(M3×20mm would be better)
$0.23 or
4 M3 stainless-steel nuts$0.22 or

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