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Links for Global Physics Department

I’m chatting with the Global Physics Department on Wed 23 May 2012.  This page is a collection of links for them. I have a lot more posts that I’ve not included here (see posts tagged with “physics” and posts tagged with Arduino, for example).

Choosing to Homeschool

Posts from my blog as we just started up home schooling:

Physics books

Blog posts about physics books (not in chronological order)

Physics labs

Tracker video analysis

The students did not end up doing any video analysis on their own, but I put some time into trying to use Tracker and into improving the software.  I can see how video analysis could be a good tool in a physics class, but the process was too slow for our very limited class time, and the students never got excited enough to do it on their own time.

Arduino and sensors

Links to products (not my blog posts):

Blog posts (not including ones already in the Physics Labs list):

Making PC Boards

I have about 19 posts on designing printed circuit boards, and I don’t want to try to pick out favorites.  It is probably easiest to go to posts tagged with “Printed circuit board” and start at the oldest post: Designing a printed circuit board.  Unfortunately has a strong prejudice against reading things in chronological order, and only provides reverse chronological order as an option.

Links outside my blogs:


I’m currently a professor teaching and doing research in bioinformatics (not physics or computer engineering).  Here are a few of my blog posts on bioinformatics topics:

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  1. […] I’ve prepared a handout of links (mostly to various of my blog posts) for things I think we might touch on in the discussion: Links for Global Physics Department. […]

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