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Parts and tools list for BME 51B Spring 2018

I’ve put together the parts list for the second half of the Applied Electronics course for this year (Spring 2018).

This year I created the list initially using Google Sheets for ease of communicating it to the lab staff who have to do the ordering, and just did a copy-and-paste to this blog page.  The formatting is terrible, and I might come back later to fix it.  It is really a shame that doesn’t have decent table-editing capability.

Item price per student (with shipping) @100 Vendor Notes URL
Separate items
op amp protoboard
$1.10 SmartPrototyping
Alternates: Elecrow or Seeedstudio or ITEADStudio
1.6mm green, HASL, custom PC
Design files:
10W loudspeaker $0.87 PartsExpress
tweezers $0.51 AliExpress
Ag/AgCl EKG electrodes 10/student $1.50 Danlee repackage into sealed ziplock
subtotal $3.98
In dip rail
MCP6004 op amp 2/student $0.66 mouser
74AC04N inverter $0.21 mouser Note: 74AC technology.
TLC3702 comparator $0.85 mouser
subtotal $1.72
In anti-static bag
24-gauge fine sliver wire $0.50 Rio Grande 1 foot/student
electret microphone CMA-4544PF-W $0.44 mouser
0.1″ 4-wide screw terminal 4/student $1.20 AliExpress
PMV20XNER SOT-23 nFET 2/student $0.30 mouser
SSM3J332RLF SOT-23 pFET 2/student $0.25 mouser
half H-bridge board 2/student $0.07 SmartPrototyping 1¢ board, 6¢ shipping! Karplus already purchased
right-angle male headers (2@5-pin/student) $0.04 AliExpress×40-Single-Row-Male-2-54mm-Breakable-Pin-Header-Right-Angle/32812273133.html
Accidentally omitted: 10kΩ multi-turn trimpot $0.90 Digi-key OBSOLETE 2018 July 30. Find new pot.
subtotal $3.70
2-gal freezer bag (for everything) $0.46 Target
quart freezer bag (for electrodes) $0.15 Target
2″x3″ antistatic bag $0.02 probably already in stock
DIP rail (5–6″ each) $0.06 Jameco cut to size
DIP plugs 2/student $0.14 Jameco
subtotal $0.83
Consumables for whole class
200′ each of 6 colors 22-gauge wire $0.74 Jameco $37 /100 feet
 0.5mm lead-free solder (1/2 lb/year?)  $0.63  Mouser?
Total $11.60

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