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Parts List BME 51B Spring 2020

Here is the parts list that I provided to BELS (Baskin Engineering Lab Support) for the Spring 2020 BME 51B class:

Item price per student @55 Current Inventory Vendor Notes Status URL
Separate items
op amp protoboard
$1.00 Seeedstudio
Alternates: Elecrow or SmartPrototyping or ITEADStudio
10W loudspeaker $0.80 PartsExpress
tweezers $0.55 AliExpress
Ag/AgCl EKG electrodes 10/student $1.18 Amazon
(4 sets of 3 packs of 50) repackage into sealed ziplock
10kΩ potentiometer $0.52 digikey
subtotal $4.05
In dip rail
MCP6004 op amp 2/student $0.66 mouser or digikey
74AC04N inverter $0.43 mouser or digikey
TLC3702 comparator $1.02 mouser or digikey
subtotal $2.11
In anti-static bag
24-gauge fine sliver wire $0.59 Rio Grande 1 foot/student
electret microphone CMA-4544PF-W $0.51 digikey or mouser
0.1″ 4-wide screw terminal 4/student $0.61 AliExpress (2 lots of 50)
PMV20XNER SOT-23 nFET 2/student $0.27 mouser
SSM3J332R,LF SOT-23 pFET 2/student $0.25 mouser
half H-bridge board 2/student $0.07 SeeedStudio or SmartPrototyping 1¢ board, 6¢ shipping! Check stock.
right-angle male headers (20pin/student) $0.08 AliExpress 3 sets of 10 (ePacket)
subtotal $2.38
2-gal freezer bag (for everything) $0.53 Target
quart freezer bag (for electrodes) $0.15 Target
2″x3″ antistatic bag $0.02 probably already in stock
DIP rail (3–6″ each) $0.13 Jameco cut to size
DIP plugs 2/student $0.16 Jameco
subtotal $0.99
Consumables for whole class (not per student)
100′ each of 6 colors 22-gauge wire $0.90 Jameco $37 /100 feet
30 100µH 1A inductors $0.17 digikey
30 220µH 1A inductors $0.34 digikey
30 330µH 1A inductors $0.57 digikey
1 container tip tinner (28g each) $0.16 mouser
1lb lead-free solder $0.60 Jameco
subtotal (share of consumables) $2.74
Total $12.27

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