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2012 February 7

Boycott of Elsevier

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The Economist has an article, The price of information, which discusses the ridiculously high subscription prices of some academic journals (singling out Elsevier).

They mention, but do not provide a link to, Tyler Neylon’s post 97% of US schools cannot afford Elsevier journals, which has a much more detailed analysis, including pointing out the monopolistic practice of secret pricing by the major publishers. Tyler points to a pledge page, on which many academics (4544 on 2 Feb 2012) have declared publicly that they will not support any Elsevier journal unless Elsevier  radically changes how they operate.

I have not signed the pledge yet, but I’m thinking about it, even though I’m only submitting a few papers a year now, and most of those are collaborations with the co-authors choosing the journals.  I don’t want to pledge to do something that I then have no control over, nor have to remove my name from co-authored work to keep the pledge.

I’ve posted a bit on academic publishing before (for example, at ISCB open access policies and Open access to scientific research, part 1), and I’ll probably have more to say on it in the future.

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