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2014 August 4

Changes to UC admissions requirements

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The University of California has just made it much more difficult for students to satisfy the a–g requirements for admission:

Effective for students applying to UC in November 2014 for freshman admission in fall 2015, one full year of Geometry must be completed to satisfy the mathematics (“c”) subject area requirement. In other words, even if students complete three year-long math courses, they will not have fulfilled the mathematics subject requirement for UC admissions unless they have taken, and passed with a letter grade of C or better, one full year of Geometry.

As a result of the revised mathematics subject requirement, the omission of a Geometry course can no longer be validated by higher-level math courses, such as Algebra II/Trig, Trigonometry, Math Analysis, Pre-Calculus, or Calculus, taken at the high school or college level. Furthermore, the omission of a Geometry course cannot be validated with any examination score.

UC faculty have determined that an examination score (SAT/ACT, SAT Subject, AP, IB, etc.) cannot validate the omission of a Geometry course. This includes “challenge” exams taken to demonstrate proficiency in a subject for which a student receives only a Pass or Fail grade. If, however, based upon a challenge exam, a high school awards both grades and units for the completion of Geometry, UC would consider that course omission validated.

A student can use a non-transferrable college/university course in Geometry to satisfy the requirement. However, advanced courses in mathematics, even those that are UC-transferrable, will not validate the omission of a Geometry course.


My son was fortunate in that he got into UC before this requirement was created, and he had taken a high school geometry course (in 7th grade) that would count:

UC will continue to allow students to self-report on the UC admission application a Geometry course completed in grade 7 or 8 to meet the mathematics (“c”) subject requirement. UC will not require the submission of a middle school transcript, nor will high schools be required to list middle/junior high school math courses on high school transcripts, but doing so is recommended.

But students who are relying on on-line courses are in deep trouble (particularly since the UC-approved online courses are generally rather awful remedial courses):

 Non-UC-approved online courses may not be accepted through principal certification. Beginning with
the 2013-14 academic year, students may use only UC-approved online courses to satisfy the subject

2010 November 18

Math game competition

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The Games for Learning Institute have announced a contest for games that teach 5 of the New York State geometry standards for 6th grade. There is a flier at if you want something to post on the wall.

Register by: December 12, 2010
Game Submission Deadline: January 12, 2011

Unlike many game designers, the organizers here seem to be aware that schools don’t have cutting-edge equipment. The game has to run in a browser on a commodity PC or Mac (no special hardware or special plug-ins). I believe that Scratch games should qualify, via the Scratch Player (a Java applet), so beginning programmers (even 6th graders!) can get in on the action.

I’ve posted about Scratch before (Computer Languages for Kids) and the Build-Your-Own-Blocks extension to Scratch.  I don’t know whether BYOB has a Java applet player, which would be necessary for entering this contest.

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