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2020 September 27

Strong enough to trot a mouse on

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I mentioned today to my wife that I needed to remove the tea ball from my tea before it got strong enough to trot a mouse across (the Irish standard for how strong tea should be, but not to my taste for Pu-erh tea).

She wanted to know whether it was always the same mouse trotting across teacups, and we together decided that it should be different mice, but from a pure-bred lab strain.

That leaves the question of which strain.  The two most popular lab strains are C57BL/6 and BALB/c, so the question is which strain. The weights of C57BL/6J mice are given at, and there is clearly a major difference by age and sex of the mouse. At five weeks, a female is about 17g, and a male about 20g, but at 24 weeks, the numbers are more like 25g and 35g. BALB/cJ mice seem to be slightly lighter:

So how old and which sex is the standard mouse for trotting across a cup of tea?  Or should the standard be based on just the weight of the mouse?  Does the size of the feet matter? Are there special strains of mice bred by Irish tea companies for testing their tea?


2016 April 4

YouTube closed captions are awful

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I looked at the automatically generated closed captions on the Oscilloscope video and they were awful—pretty much just word salad. Speaker-independent voice recognition is obviously not a solved problem at Google.

I could not figure out from the captions what the text was supposed to be, so I’m definitely going to have to take an hour to edit the captions.  For your amusement, here are the automatically generated captions (with time stamps removed):


results go and circuits lab


showing this witness during a self-test
internal calibration began to overshadow

while doing this is the oscilloscope
trunk of an actual protest rally we can

make our nation of this gradually goes
to click here to lower celebration

finals where

whatever settings the previous first
layout which is probably not what you

want once it’s finished it off with
oppressed peoples historical back three

people said these are falling also know
what you want

matter whatever the last person in our
class there will help now also passed a

law received

craftspeople a suitable for calibration
single heads because we were so

impressed you’re the slap on a single
figures out what comes out is to view

that clearly see that is where color
associated with it

channel one yellow peril to this
political channel 39 channel for each

row has little to show you which channel
is for example channel two minutes later

colored chance i’m not respecting the
settings now able to accept this coupled

with 30 measures signal felt craft so
this is where signal from this marker

which is just changed it as a compliment
but this month now throws away and easy

going to take the last year which will
just show us that trust is on the screen

like this property

now to see this listing all we won’t be
using that much bandwidth and landlords

are very very important shows little
light switch when she can be set when

one asks the folks at matthews
telescopes for example tax and you still

think so it will bring up the menu by
pressing his body is still scope sent

along acts now here on the same set to

understand same problem check this
before now also watch now deciding where

around his father is cold six hits and
two bowls bowls permission to just see

they didn’t grade office he’s facing
they’re going about two-and-a-half

divisions so too cold for division

viable single with the slower larger
call for example a change is now five

balls for division and we can see the
same no only goes up by one division in

the other direction to one whole

signal goes off you might rather
increased number of major producing

science able to close at present the
many long now playing here next 10


horrible for his own vision for vertical
sets for all channels

provision a single all this way for
division last thing they apparently

because the other way to increase I’m
provision shrinking the way we did not

see one single this way every one
division so this is one killers we’re

also do this population 44122 color
calibration on the east coast is

slightly off

is it about fifteen years

channel as well you just said to
channels on here in great numbers if we

wanted to try to channel off push button
again while standing around a nice


orders probe is not properly compensated

just get there is very little space
heater which we can trust is a very

small screwdriver slotted over shooed
and other causes around the corner we

get it just right now include role is

channel on it for

which will help us all based on the
sound levels in the road below ground

connection between the microphone
amplifier board here has the microphone

in silver amplifier chip in black and
some connections on the screw terminal

we have power

5 volts red and brown and black it is
very important to always use this

convention for power and ground so that
you don’t actually connector on things

we don’t have the output signal here in
purple and everything is connected to

these heavier bands which have alligator
clips to the power supply we’re not

going to connect our protocol but we
could have to ground lead to the ground

and probably get here to center panel
which is the signal that is a kind of

difficult connection to make now it’s
connected and we can see on the screen

the output of the mic channels now just
a distraction in the range goals

overseas buyer has your rivals lot we
can also notice that occasionally take

notice cause they saw your head

only when the signal go from below 212
above 2.4 liter just this the trigger

man but other than that shows a trigger
which means it is based on a single

going from their low point for both
point to low is actually separate slope

is rising at going global

another option

trick or treating just normal several
times which will only trigger this is

more useful to wear a lot of things that
you don’t know the exact true that many


sure the level at which is to tax low on
the screen

levels for single trigger a tad bit

usually get a trigger but it’s a free
set a closer Trevor so we had a simple

Update 2016 April 6: After about 5–6 hours of work, I got the closed captions fixed, so these amusing automatic ones are no longer on the video.  Editing the captions is even more work than editing the video, so I can see why so many people don’t bother!

2013 March 30

A physics teacher’s reaction to anti-science witch hunts

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Frank Noschese, a physics teacher, has written a rather amusing “letter to parents” on his blog Dear Parents | Action-Reaction, including such gems as

Giggle-inducing Scientific Terminology. Uranus, excited state, naked singularity, panspermia, ram pressure, Trojans, black hole, galactic bulge, hadron, space probe, parsecs, and 21-centimeter emission, to name a few. These are not “dirty words.” They are official scientific terms and we will need to use them in class.

The post as a whole mocks the anti-science attitude of the Dietrich, Idaho parents who protested a 10th grade biology teacher using the word “vagina” in the unit about reproduction. []

I guess that Idaho is racing Kansas to become the most anti-science state in the United States.

2012 February 5

Fake websites

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I was recently pointed to an excellent collection of fake websites, spoof websites, science spoofs, commercial fake sites.  This is a good place to find pointers to sites like the Pacific Tree Octopus, online pregnancy test, dehydrated water, dihydrogen monoxide, save the rennets, and other hoax sites.  There are over two dozen links!

2011 October 5

Dangers of automatic markup

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The FreeLibrary has automatic markup (with mouseovers) of acronyms.  This sometimes leads to ludicrous results as seen in this screenshot of a Google search:

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