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2012 February 25

USA causes of death

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A few weeks ago I came across an interesting statistics site, which shows causes of death in the USA as maps.  It is really astonishing how the life expectancy changes geographically, and how many different causes of death show the same geographic distribution.

You can get maps of individual states (down to the county level).  The county I live in is doing pretty well on most health measures (8th longest male life expectancy in California, at 78.1 years—compared to 77.79 statewide and 75.93 nationally, and 9th longest female life expectancy at 82.6 years—compared to 82.76 statewide and 81.07 nationally).  A big part of the difference is probably from more exercise and less smoking here than elsewhere, but there are probably other factors (since death rate due to accidents is also low).

Although the black-background web pages are a bit annoying to read, the data and the maps are cool.

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