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2018 April 15

Marcus’s first outside adventure

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Our kitten, Marcus, had his first excursion outside yesterday.  We have been keeping him inside all winter, and we expected him to race away the moment we opened the door for him (given how he races around the house so much, as if it were too small a box for him). But, to our surprise, he was very cautious and it was several days until he condescended to step over the threshold—and then only because the trusted older cat, Georgie, was sitting on the doorstep.  It took him over half an hour to get down the steps to the patio and explore there.

Marcus sheltering in the corner, where nothing can reach him.

Marcus steps out from the corner.

He did not stay outside very long, but he did go outside again for five minutes later in the day. He still does not know how to use the cat door, and even with the back door open he prefers to sit on the threshold and look out, rather than venture out into unknown territory.

The lighting in these pictures is a bit misleading—Marcus is a sleek black cat, not black and grey.

2018 February 9

Marcus under the table

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Our kitten Marcus continues to grow—at his current weight and age, we expect him to get as big as our older cat, Georgie.  That will cause a problem at feeding time, because we currently feed Marcus in a cardboard box that he is thin enough to get into, but Georgie is not.  If we didn’t do that, Georgie would eat all Marcus’s food—Georgie eats like a dog, that is, until all the food is gone, then asks for more.

It is possible that Marcus will remain thin, even if he gets big, because he is very, very active.  Unfortunately, that means the he has shredded every cardboard box in the house, broken one of my favorite mugs by pulling the tablecloth off the table, and left shredded newspaper over half the house.

Here he is in an unusually quiet moment, sitting still long enough for me to take a photo (only one though, as he raced away at high speed after one shot).

2018 January 13

Marcus in umbrella

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Last week when we had rain, Marcus found drying umbrellas to be a great new toy. (Everything is a toy to Marcus.)

2017 December 31

Georgie and Marcus waking up

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Georgie (our older cat) now tolerates Marcus—here they are just waking up after sleeping together on our bed.

2017 December 16

Marcus with dreidel

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Although my family is not Jewish, we celebrate Chanukah as well as Christmas. We also have a small Festivus pole and eat Solstice cookies—any excuse to celebrate!

Our new kitten, Marcus, has decided that he like dreidels.  He prefers a small plastic one that he can bat around, but was willing to pose with a larger one:

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