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2020 November 16

Rosemary plant

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A month ago, I got a sprig of rosemary from the garden at the Food Bin (with their permission) to make my sourdough focaccia. I took a larger twig than I needed, so I stuck what was left in a little glass jar with water, to keep it fresh for later recipes.  After a few days, I noticed that it had started to sprout roots, so I left it in the jar for the roots to grow bigger.  My wife occasionally replaced the water in the jar, to keep algae from growing on the roots.

The twig continues to flourish on the kitchen windowsill.

After a month, the roots have gotten quite long, so it is time to transplant to a pot.

I sifted some dirt from where the compost heap used to be to fill a 4″ pot, and I planted the twig. In the Spring, after the roots have had a chance to grow into the dirt of the pot a bit, I’ll either transfer to a larger pot or plant the rosemary in garden. I know rosemary grows well here, as I used to have a couple of fine rosemary bushes in my raised bed, but they were crowded out by the bay tree.

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