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2018 December 1

Thirty-first weight progress report

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This post is yet another weight progress report, continuing the previous one, part of a long series since I started in January 2015.

My weight is getting perilously close to the point where it was before I decided to diet.

This past year has been a disaster for weight control.  I’m hoping that when classes start again in January and I bike up to campus 5 days a week that my weight will come back down.

I think that part of the problem with both summer and fall is that I stayed home more, which means much less exercise and more snacking. For September–November 2018, I only averaged 2.22 miles/day on my bicycle.

I also stopped running in mid-September, because my right hip started aching. I’ve not been able to figure out whether the ache is in the bone, the joint, the ligaments, the tendons, or the muscles.

It still aches, particularly after I’ve been sitting and working at the computer for a while.  I’ve been thinking of trying jogging again to see if it makes any difference to the ache—if not, I’ll probably start doing short distances again when the weather is good.


2018 September 1

Thirtieth weight progress report

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This post is yet another weight progress report, continuing the previous one, part of a long series since I started in January 2015.

I have not been able to keep my weight within my self-imposed target range for the past several months.

Summers seem to be bad for my weight, as both last summer and this summer were high-weight points for the year.

I think that part of the problem with summer weight is that I stay home more, which means much less exercise and more snacking. In August 2018, I only averaged 1.23 miles/day on my bicycle (under 30% of my usual exercise).

Although I restarted running at the beginning of July, I did not not run much in August, because I got a long-lasting cold on my trip to Boulder.  I was there to visit my Dad in the nursing-home/rehab-center where he was recovering from a stroke that caused him to lose almost all sensation on the left side of his body.  He has been continuing to improve, but we’re going to have to move him from an independent-living community to an assisted-living community, because he still needs at least minimal assistance for many activities.

There was a long break in my running in August, because of getting a long-lasting cold on my trip to Boulder, CO. I’m only just starting up again.

I didn’t do  Bike Santa Cruz County’s  12km run on 26 August 2018—not even the 4km short run, as I was still feeling the effects of the cold, had not gotten my training up to doing longer runs, and couldn’t see the point of biking over to Wilder Ranch to do just a 4km run at low speed.

I’m still running fairly slowly—between 10 and 12 km/h, which translates to a mile pace of 8:00 to 9:40, depending on distance (8:22 at 1 mile).

2018 July 4

Resuming jogging

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After a three-week break to let my tendons and bursæ heal (see Taking a break from jogging), I started jogging again today, cautiously.

I went to Santa Cruz Running Company on Monday and bought a pair of running shoes. I ended up buying ASICS Kayano 24 shoes in size 10½ US (44.5 European, 9½ UK), for about $142 (including tax),  which is somewhat more than I would have paid on-line, had I known that those were the shoes I wanted, though less than I would have paid a month ago (the shoe is now last-season’s model).

I’m glad to pay the 20–30% premium for the ability to try on 8 different pairs of shoes from different manufacturers (as well as seeing a little slow-mo video of my running on the treadmill, to see if I had an problems with rotation of my feet—none were visible).  The shoes I had originally thought I wanted, because of the big toe box, ended up not being comfortable, because the stiffening at the toe pressed down on my big toe nail—there was plenty of room horizontally, but not enough vertically.

The shoes I ended up with have soft mesh uppers and conform better to my feet.

The tenderness in my pes anserinus tendon (or bursa underneath) is almost gone, so I tried taking a short run this morning: just 1.5km with no hills.  I’m going to switch to an alternate-day schedule to give more healing time between runs and to give me more warning if I start damaging my tendons or bursæ again.  I’ll ramp up the distance more slowly this time also.

It is unlikely that I’ll be up to Bike Santa Cruz County’s  12km run on 26 August 2018, but it is more important to me that I don’t make the minor injury worse.

2018 June 17

Taking a break from jogging

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As I mentioned in Starting jogging and Twenty-ninth weight progress report, I started jogging again after about a 40-year hiatus. Initially, things were going pretty well, and I was increasing the distance gradually, with only minor aches as I stretched out muscles that had not been used much lately.

As expected, my speed dropped as my distance increased, until I was running at a pace of about 9:30 per mile.

Astute readers may note that the running log ends on June 13, but today is June 17, and they may wonder why the long break.

The answer is simple—pain near the left knee. The minor aches in the muscles subsided in the first week, but a tender spot developed on my tibia, just below the left knee on the inside, and started getting worse rather than better. For a couple of days I also had exercise-induced edema in left leg (my foot swelled up and my weight went up by 4 pounds in two days), but that resolved itself in a day or two. I’ve done a little web research, and I think that what I’ve got is pes aserine bursitis or pes aserine tendinitis, based on where the tender spots are.

The standard treatment for any of the knee injuries I might have is rest, ice, elevation, and NSAIDs. So I’ve been resting the leg, grading on the couch with my foot propped up, and taking ibuprofen. I am not willing to ice the knee, though, as there is no swelling near the tender spot (and hasn’t been) and I have always found icing tendinitis to be acutely painful with no residual benefits for me. (Many years ago I had tendinitis or ulnar tunnel syndrome from a bad typing position, which took a long time to heal.)

This week I’ve found walking a bit uncomfortable, but not acutely painful, but bicycling on the recumbent bike seems to reduce the discomfort (probably from improved circulation without stressing the tendon).

I’m going to wait until the tenderness is gone before running again, which may take a week or a month. I’ll also start over with short distances, better shoes, and a softer running surface. This means it is unlikely that I’ll be up to Bike Santa Cruz County’s  12km run on 26 August 2018, but it is more important to me that I don’t make the minor injury worse.

2018 June 3

Twenty-ninth weight progress report

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This post is yet another weight progress report, continuing the previous one, part of a long series since I started in January 2015.

This past year has seen repeated attempts to recover from the weight gain of the previous two years.

I’m right on the upper edge of my self-imposed weight range. If I stop paying attention to my weight or start snacking to cope with the stress of grading, my weight shoots up rather quickly.

As I mentioned in Starting jogging, I started running over Memorial Day weekend. I’ve kept it up for 9 days, with only minor aches from stretching out muscles and tendons that don’t get used on my bicycle.  During March, April, and May I also averaged 4.66 miles a day of bicycling (mainly my bike commute to work).  The bicycling helps loosen up muscles that tighten from the running.

I started jogging over Memorial Day weekend, and have gradually been increasing my distance. (For those who prefer Imperial units, 12 km/h is an 8-minute, 3-second mile pace, and 2km is 1 mile 1282 feet.)

I plan to continue running throughout the summer, with distances gradually increasing. Once I get up to about 3km, I’ll start alternating short and long days, to give my muscles some time to heal between the longer runs.  When I get up to 10km, I’ll probably switch to a long-rest-short cycle, to allow more healing time.

I’m in better shape now than I was in summer 1970 when I couldn’t run a mile, but not in as good shape as summer 1971 when I could run a 6-minute mile (16 km/h) and could run up to 15km (though only at 12 km/h).  Although I’ve been keeping to around 12 km/h so far, I expect to slow down as the distances increase.  I’d like to keep above 10km/hr (a 9:40 mile pace), though, or the running will take up too much time.

My current goal is 12km runs by  Bike Santa Cruz County’s  12km run on 26 August 2018 and 15km runs by the end of October.  If I don’t injure myself, I’d like to get to the point where I run a marathon before the end of 2021.

So far, I’ve been running in my Teva sandals, which have more padding in the soles than any of my other shoes, and which fit comfortably.  I’ll be buying some running shoes in a couple of weeks, once I have some spare time.  I’ve been recommended Altra and Brooks Cascadia shoes, and both lines are carried at Santa Cruz Running Company (along with half a dozen others brands).  The method they describe for helping customers pick shoes sounds reasonable, and better than just picking a low-cost shoe randomly from Amazon (which is pretty much how I choose my bicycling shoes every 4 or 5 years).


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