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2020 November 24

Black Friday—Cyber Monday sale

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I have decided to put my book on sale for the traditional American sale season, but I’m too lazy to remember to synchronize to midnight Thursday night.  So I’ve reduced the minimum price from $8 to $6 (well, from $7.99 to $5.99) starting now, and I’ll raise it back up in about a week.

No coupon needed: just go to and pick the price you want to pay.

2020 March 27

Lowering price of textbook

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To make it easier for people to learn electronics at home, I’m lowering the minimum price of my book to $6 during the COVID-19 crisis.  I wish I had a ready-to-go bundle of parts and online videos to help people learn at home, but creating such videos would take me a year (though I am seriously considering starting creating such videos during my sabbatical).

Creating a bundle of tools and parts would require working with one of the companies that sells parts (Jameco, Mouser, Sparkfun, …).  The markup they would require to make it profitable for them to do the bundling is pretty high, though, so for now it is cheapest for people to order parts from distributors and tools and boards from China.

2018 November 27

Analog Discovery 2 sale

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For today and tomorrow only, Digilent is having a 30% off sale on Analog Discovery 2 USB oscilloscopes.  The price is not quite as good as the Academic discount, so this sale is useless to students and university faculty, but it might be of use to some of my readers:

Enter the following coupon code at check out


Offer cannot be combined with any other offers (such as the Digilent Academic Discount). Coupon is valid for the Analog Discovery 2 and is active until 28 November 4 AM PST. Coupon must be redeemed on and is not valid at any other distributor or website.

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