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2020 March 26

Screaming op amp

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Santa Cruz’s Museum of Art and History is having a “drawing activity” online while the museum is closed, based on their 2017 Screaming Hand Exhibit.

I’d like to see a screaming banana slug, but I can’t draw, so I  created a screaming op amp for the students in my electronics course:

I think that this circuit accurately reflects how many of the students in my class feel.

I used Digi-Key’s SchemeIt for the schematic and edited the mouth using Gimp and Inkscape from a low-quality image of a screaming-hand sticker (possibly not legally licensed) that I found with Google image search.  MAH provides a PDF file for you to start with, assuming that you will draw and color around the  printed mouth, but I find cutting and pasting SVG files in Inkscape easier.

I now have an SVG file of the screaming op amp, which I could scale up to T-shirt size, if needed.

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