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2020 June 11

Does Volkswagen really expect us to believe them?

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In a Forbes article about Volkswagen’s recent racist ad, a Volkswagen spokesman is quoted:

“Volkswagen stands for humanity and diversity and speaks out strongly against racism, discrimination and xenophobia. We have always done that and will continue to do so,” Werner said.
The company was founded in 1937 under the Nazi regime and used slave labor from concentration camps to build vehicles in its early years. In 1998, surviving workers sued the company, which established a compensation fund.
How can anyone believe a spokesman who says with a straight face that Volkswagen has always stood for humanity and diversity and against racism, discrimination, and xenophobia.  Volkswagen’s early use of slave labor from concentration camps is well-known and well-documented.  If they had claimed that they used to be terrible, but have changed their ways, they might be just a little bit believable, but by claiming to have always been pure, they make it clear that they have absolutely no clue that they have done evil or even that they are capable of recognizing evil when they do it again.

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